Combine these 3 teas to supercharge your morning routine

Coffee. Red Bull. 5 Hour Energy.

What if I told you that you can have all the energy of these drinks, without the jitters, plus additional benefits? No brainer, right? Well you can with just three simple teas.

Turmeric. Pu-Erh. Matcha. Add some coconut oil and black pepper (I'll explain later), and you've got an elixir that'll carry you on a caffeinated cloud well into the afternoon.

This recipe is my take on Tim Ferriss' "Titanium Tea". Since I've made adjustments to the recipe you should feel free to adjust it to your taste and needs as you see fit. Ok, let's take a look at how it's prepared.

Recipe For Success

  1. Steep the turmeric and Pu-Erh tea for 5-10 minutes. I like Rishi brand but do your research, there might be something you like even better.
  2. Add 8-12 cranks of black pepper, 1 Tsp of Coconut Oil, and 1 Tsp of Matcha.
  3. Blend vigorously with a whisk or even better, use a milk frother. It creates a luxurious head on the drink like a latte or cappuccino.
  4. Enjoy!
Energy for energy sake is all well and good. But remember those additional benefits I mentioned? Let's explore a few of them shall we?


Pu-Erh Tea


So Try It Out

I love coffee as much as the next guy (or gal). But if you're looking for a new caffeination method with added nutritional value, give this a shot, you won't be disappointed.

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