Concern Worldwide's "Gameraiser" to Help Victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Concern Worldwide is concerned about the world. They're an Irish humanitarian organization that brings together a global team of nearly 3,000 to focus on the world's big issues: ending poverty, oppression, and providing a safe place for all to thrive. This week, they're launching a fun, new opportunity to help support their work in Haiti.

Recently devastated by Hurricane Matthew, Haitians are in desperate need of support for supplies and food. In line with the organization's mission, Concern is extending a kind hand. This Saturday, November 5th at 4pm ET, they're getting on board for an epic rugby match between Ireland and the New Zealand All Blacks. (By the way, New Zealand is pretty much undefeated, having won 27 out of 28 matchups in the last century.) This time, the teams will play at Chicago's Soldier Field, and who knows, maybe the Irish will have some luck this time!

With the help of, they're organizing a "gameraiser" (a mix between a game and a fundraiser) where all donations go to Haiti. All you have to do is answer a few questions here, and you'll be entered to win a whole bunch of cool prizes.

Whether you know anything about rugby or not, this match is a perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon. While everyone will be rooting for different teams, we'll all be rooting for Haiti. Concern is making it easy and fun to help out. Concern Worldwide was founded 50 years ago in Ireland. Since then, it has expanded its outreach to 29 countries and over 7 million people a year. Donating to Concern will support its work to save and change lives in places that need your help the most. Find out more at

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