The Official Review: Is Copper Cow Coffee Worth The Hype?

Every morning I drink the biggest coffee imaginable and every afternoon, I treat myself to a fun, but still very caffeinated latte. It's the only constant to my weekdays.

The morning coffee is usually at home, but since I can't make lattes at home, I typically head to Starbucks or the local shop a couple of streets away.

I've been looking to save some time (and money!), but I love my coffee breaks so much, I don't know what to do.

On a Zoom call, I saw my work bestie pour hot water over a funky tea bag into a mug, so I asked what flavor it was and she told me it was coffee.

I was about to launch into a sermon on how she needed to treat herself to real coffee instead of instant, but she told me it was a Salted Caramel Latte from Copper Cow Coffee. What?!

She said the company specializes in premium Vietnamese coffee along with really fun latte flavors that are super easy to make at home. It wasn't really "instant" so much as a single-serve pour-over brewing.

Listen, I had tried to make lattes at home and made the biggest mess of my kitchen. I didn't feel like searching for my underperforming milk frother or getting burned making simple syrup again.

My friend told me literally all I had to do was pour water over the bag and add the creamer. I figured it would taste watered down and weird, but she sent me a link to the website and I have to admit I fell in love with the packaging.

The boxes were so cute and that's how I discovered the company was women-owned and sustainably sourced, which I definitely couldn't say about my current coffee spots. Also, everything was natural and preservative-free, including the shelf-stable creamers, which was amazing.

I read some reviews and customers loved the flavors; I also learned that Vietnamese coffee is much stronger than American coffee, so only 4-6 oz. would give me the same energy boost as a venti.

The price seemed high, but after some quick math, it was way cheaper than what I was currently spending. I still didn't believe it would actually taste good, but if I didn't like it, I'd send it to my friend.

Copper Cow Coffee
At Home Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee
Sustainably sourced, women-owned, all natural flavors

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On their site, you can buy anything individually or create your own box, where you get the option to subscribe. I decided to start with the Seasonal Sips Latte Sampler,which was $18 for 5 creamers and 5 latte flavors: Classic, Churro, Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice, and Vanilla.

I also threw in a box of their Classic Coffee and patiently waited for my order to arrive (meaning I checked my door every few hours).

When it finally arrived, it was time to make myself a Churro Latte. I boiled water in my tea kettle and opened the packet.

I gently opened up the paper and inhaled the cinnamon scent. Yum. When my tea kettle whistled, I poured it into the little pop-up box, let the coffee steep, and added a packet of the sweetened condensed milk creamer. Once it cooled down ever so slightly, I took a sip.

Oh my goodness. More than just cinnamon, I felt like I was drinking a liquid churro. The flavor was powerful, but not too sweet and not at all artificial tasting. It made me want to sit down and really enjoy my latte before I went back to work.

I've tried every latte flavor now, and my favorites are the Lavender, the Pumpkin Spice, and the Churro, but I wouldn't say no to any of them. Copper Cow Coffee claims to make barista-level coffee, and their products live up to that.

Everything is delicious, and I know exactly what I'm getting my work bestie for the holidays. If you like lattes and want them at home without all the fancy equipment, Copper Cow Coffee is coffeeshop-level amazing!

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