Power Of The Plant - I’m All-In On Hemp This Year

The holiday season is always packed with laughs, fun, parties, and — sadly for me — exhausting chores. Preparing and cleaning up after the Christmas and New Year’s parties I host for my fam and friends really takes a toll on my physical and mental health.

That’s why after all the fun-n-festivities, I’m restarting my routine by leaving those annual traditions in the dust. This new year, instead of hopping on the latest trend, I’m adopting a “plant” that comes with ancient rituals that keep making their way to modern times: hemp.

Rather than blindly hopping on the melatonin train and riding the hype, I’m choosing hemp to replace all my 'sleeping solutions'. Primarily known for its calming effects, hemp is an established natural solution that could very well remedy my post-holiday stress.

Humans have been cultivating hemp for thousands of years and it’s long been used in some form or other to promote a better lifestyle. And since we're now into the new year, the use of hemp continues to cement its place as one of the best supplements on the market.

So, how do I plan on incorporating hemp into my daily life? With a little help from a friend named Cornbread Hemp.

Why Cornbread Hemp Helps Me De-Stress:

I’ve read all about the relaxing properties of hemp compounds that have a soothing effect on both the body and mind. But there are tons of hemp brands and products on the market, it’s overwhelming. I zoned in on something that’s easy to use, has natural ingredients, and tastes great.

Cornbread Hemp is a full-spectrum family-owned company offering everything from oils, gummies, and capsules to creams and balms, and even products for pets. What makes the brand truly stand out are its USDA organic hemp oils sourced from Kentucky-grown hemp.

With its premium quality, vegan ingredients, and rave reviews — it felt like the perfect choice for me. I ordered their Full-Spectrum Hemp Gummies and was blown away by their yummy taste and genuine results.

Plus, their products ship in 24 hours — to all 50 states — and arrive in just a few days. They also offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, although I’ve never needed to use it.

How Do I Use Hemp?

Incorporating Cornbread’s Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies into my routine is effortless. They come in pre-measured bite-size doses, so I simply pop one after dinner and let the relaxation kick in. I wrap myself in a Hudson’s Bay blanket, cozy up by my fireplace, sip hot chocolate — with mini-marshmallows, of course! — and read a good book while the soothing effects start to work.

And within about an hour of popping a gummy, my muscles relax and I feel an overall sense of warmth and calm. I notice that they help me slow down so I can focus on reading my book.

My favorite part about Cornbread’s full-spectrum gummies is their natural flavors — watermelon, berry, and peach — that taste like real fruit. It’s tough to only eat one at a time because they taste so good!

Cornbread Hemp also offers Full Spectrum Hemp Sleep Gummies specifically designed to help you catch those zzz’s. If you’ve been struggling to get your 8 hours, I’d definitely recommend them. I bought them for my husband — a confirmed night owl — and now he sleeps like a baby. And that also means no more late-night TV or doomscrolling, which adds even more tranquility to our nights. Cornbread’s gummies make me feel comfy inside and out.

Final Thoughts:

With lab-tested natural ingredients and full-spectrum efficiency, Cornbread Hemp’s Gummies are USDA-certified organic, flower-only products are a terrific way to kick back during the winter season. I’m so glad I discovered their products– they help ease my physical pain and soothe my brain. I think this just might have to be a year-round tradition!

Looking for a mellow way to unwind after the holidays? I highly recommend checking out Cornbread Hemp.

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