A Dermatologist’s Opinion Of Coterie

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Every parent can agree on one thing — quality diapers are essential for their little ones comfort and new parents’ peace of mind.

But the market is saturated with far too many options. There are so many new brands in addition to the classic Pampers and Huggies.

In an effort to find the perfect brand, we asked Dr. Meena Manivannan — a mother and dermatologist — to share her expert opinion on diapers and reveal which diapers she uses for her baby.

Here’s what she had to say about the basics of diapers:

What causes diaper rash?

A diaper rash can be caused by a multitude of factors, including extended contact with urine or feces and friction from when your baby’s skin rubs against itself.

What are the effects of diaper rash on your baby?

This can result in a compromised skin barrier for your baby, which can potentially lead to pain and irritation. This can also ultimately lead to more severe complications such as infections.

As a mom, what are some of the diaper-changing hacks you can share?

I always make sure I use a good barrier cream with every diaper change, whether my baby has a rash or not. This is another strategy to keep the baby's bottom as soft as possible.

After learning about the diaper fundamentals, we wanted to know which is the best diaper brand on the market. Dr. Meena named Coterie, a brand that focuses on performance, quality, and comfort.

And after reading up on Coterie, we have to say that we agree with Meena’s opinion.

Coterie’s diapers are made with your little one’s comfort in mind. With the help of an innovative side cuff that prevents leakage, they focus on creating a diaper that has the perfect fit.Their high-absorbency diaper holds in messes for longer allowing babies to be comfortable for extended periods of time.

The best part is that Coterieunderstands how difficult nighttime can be for both moms and babies. While babies typically wake up because their wet diaper makes them cold and uncomfortable, Coterie's fast-wicking diapers keep the wetness away from your little one’s skin, which can help babies sleep longer. Their diapers also include a wetness indicator that helps parents easily see when their young ones need a change.

Here are the personal reasons Dr. Meena trusts Coterie – as a mother and derm – above all else:

Why are Coterie diapers better for preventing diaper rash?

When shopping for diapers, finding one that's high-capacity is super important – they’re able to hold in messes and prevent rashes and infections. Coterie’s quick-wicking technology keeps babies feeling fresher longer, which means parents can get more done before that next diaper change.

What chemicals should be avoided when choosing a diaper?

There are many diapers on the market with potentially irritating and dangerous ingredients like fragrances, polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), or phthalates. Coterie diapers are made with soft materials and 25% plant-based ingredients. They are free from skin-harming ingredients like chlorine, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, and heavy metals.

How important is the fit of a diaper?

Babies live in their diapers day and night and it’s important for them to be comfortable and dry. Coterie diapers have side cuffs that help prevent leaks while staying breathable. The breathable top sheet and comfortable materials are great for a baby’s sensitive skin.

How do Coterie diapers improve your baby’s sleep?

The longest period your baby typically goes without a change is during nighttime when they are fast asleep. Having a baby in a wet diaper for too long can affect a baby’s sleep, which is imperative for their growth and development. Coterie diapers have high-absorbency and fast-wicking tech which keeps the wetness away from their skin for longer. They also have a yellow indicator that turns blue when it’s time for a change. It’s a relief to not have to wake up the baby to check if the diaper is full.

Why do you recommend Coterie to avoid diaper rash?

Coterie is my go-to diaper, especially for parents of children with sensitive skin. They do not have irritating ingredients and wick away moisture quickly, which is crucial to avoiding a diaper rash.

What else do you love about Coterie?

One of my favorite things about Coterie is their commitment to serve communities nationwide, by donating to families in need. Maintaining a consistent supply of diapers is a pain point for many families.

Along with their diapers, Coterie’s wipes are fantastic for families on-the-go. They are big, moist, and sturdy, allowing your baby to remain clean and comfy as you embark on many memorable adventures.

Coterie is loved by moms and dermatologists alike. They’re a bit more expensive than their competitors, but for the quality and performance that you receive, it's definitely worth it.

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