What Our Editors Love And Don’t Love About Coterie

This post is in partnership with Coterie. We only endorse products we believe in.

Our editors love finding the best mom hacks out there for our readers. When we came across Coterie, a diaper brand advertised for high absorbency with double the capacity of competitors like Pampers and Huggies, we thought they could be a game-changer.

Supermodel Mom Ashley Graham has recently endorsed Coterie and says, “Coterie is soft enough for my boys’ sensitive booties and absorbent enough to keep blowouts and leaks to a minimum. I am literally obsessed and am telling you these are a mommy’s must have!!!”

We had to research them to see if they were all that they claimed to be.

Here are 3 reasons why our editors love Coterie and 1 we don’t:


Coterie diapers are 25% plant-based and made from incredibly soft materials free from skin-harming ingredients, such as chlorine, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, and heavy metals — a must for the safety of your baby.

2. Absorption

From our research and reviews, Coteriedoes seem to have a higher capacity than other brands, which is necessary to avoid blowouts. Most parents struggle to change them right away every single time, but Coterie can hold the mess until you can.

The diapers also dry more quickly than competitors, so you won’t need to use as much diaper cream and there’s less of a chance of diaper rash.


Coterie is the Tesla of diapers. They’re super well-engineered with side cuffs to prevent leaks, a stripe at the center which turns blue when the diaper is filled with pee, quick-wicking tech, and a breathable top sheet to protect your baby's skin. These diapers are made to fit babies perfectly and comfortably. With higher absorbency, we read that the little one might sleep much better with Coterie (and you, too!).

& The 1 We Don’t - Price

Like most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to diapers. Coterie’s cheaper competitors just don’t compare to their quality and tech. While they might cost less, they’re also not as comfortable or as absorbent for babies; meaning you might end up using more diapers from a different brand in the long run. Not to mention how essential it is to use a diaper made from safe materials!

If you're looking for high-quality diapers that prevent leaks, keep your little one dry and protect your baby's skin from irritation, then Coterie is your go-to brand. Try them out and thank us later!

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