Skip Exercise: Try "Couchersize"​

The gym is a scary place for newcomers. Big machines. Jacked up people. Sweat. Those mysterious "initiation fees." Maybe it's a little less intimidating to work out at home. Here are some fun and easy exercises to help you pump some iron without leaving your couch.

Pillow Punches

Angry that there are commercials during your favorite series? Punch a pillow. They don't mind. After you get out all that energy, you have our blessing to take a nap.

Blanket Extenders

Roll a blanket into a log (like one of those resistance bands) and grab both ends, stretching your feet out in the middle. Extend your legs to the blanket is taught, then bend knees in toward the chest. Repeat three sets of 20 reps.

Cushion Crunches

Position your lower back on a cushion and crunch away. The more the merrier!

Pillow Toss

Grab a partner, get an oversized pillow and toss until sweaty and short of breath. Start slow and get faster and faster for a competitive battle. Try it with your eyes closed!

Cheek Squeezes

Squeeze butt cheeks at a steady rhythm while watching your favorite show. Don't stop. Can you imagine your results after one episode of Game of Thrones?

We hope these couch-friendly exercises will encourage you to break a sweat this year.

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