Fits Are Better When You Throw Them Together

We all know that one couple that refuses to tone it down and turn it off. I’m talking excessive PDA, feeding each other, and — heaven forfend! — chattering to each other in baby voices. I shiver and cringe every time I hang out with them. But when it comes to overly cutesy couple behaviors, there’s one thing I kind of respect: epic couple’s style.

I’m not talking about matching Christmas pajamas or themed Halloween outfits. I’m talking about when a couple’s aesthetic melds exquisitely. They don’t have to match, but maybe they borrow each others’ clothes? It’s 2023 after all, gendered fashion is sooooo last decade.

When a couple looks good together, they elevate each other’s individual style. It’s like a miniature version of the cheerleader effect, which occurs when a group of people seems hotter just by being in that group. By the same logic, two cool outfits are exponentially more impressive than one.

Though the concept is simple, this occurs less often than you’d think. Good couple’s style is surprisingly rare. Everywhere I look, I see iterations of that one Ed Sheeran and Beyonce meme — one person is dressed to the nines, and the other must have dressed in the dark.

This isn’t exclusive to straight couples. In so many instances, one person is the star, the other person lets them shine. And while that’s all well and good, I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be this way! We can all be the star! A teeny bit of effort goes a long way to take a twosome to the next level.

And I can’t stress this enough: this isn’t about matching clothes or even being color-coded. It’s about each look complimenting the other, playing off each other like any solid relationship should. It’s about whimsy! Camp! Good old-fashioned sartorial fun!

Luckily, some of our favorite celeb couples have been pulling absolutely excellent fits recently. I don’t know what’s in the air, but duo dressing has never been hotter.

To inspire your other half — or even platonic pairing — to step it up, elevate your own fire fits, and — for lack of a better term — slay, here’s some inspo:

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Hailey and Justin Bieber

The ultimate duo, Hailey and Justin have proven they don’t give AF about the rumors and TikTok beef swirling around them. Instead, they’ve made a series of appearances looking unbothered and, most importantly, delightfully co-ordinated. Their fits are tight and so is their marriage.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

Who can hold a candle to these two? Long before they were officially together — let alone had a child together with another on the way — they were some of the best-dressed celebs on the planet. I mean, people called Rocky the “male Rihanna” for years based on his daring dressing. While nothing can beat their pregnancy announcement pap pics, recent outfits have come pretty close. (Perhaps it’s simply the allure of this specific Loewe sweater.)

Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz

The absolute, coolest couple out there right now. Could it be because they remind us of like, every couple in Bushwick? This is a prime example of how the right partner can unlock fresh side to you. We’re living for Channing’s buzzcut and basement-boy style. And although their actual pieces are an assemblage of expensive items, the overall aesthetic is aspirational but accessible.

Joe and Sophie Turner

Joe’s come a long way from the skinny ties and skinnier jeans of the OG Jonas Brother days. His latest aesthetic is peak Notita Dirtbag — see: his recent guide to NYC. Essentially, he embodies one of those, trendy dudes you see waiting in line for a coffee at ALD on Mott St. And Sophie Turner? Looks like his even cooler counterpart.

Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham

The king and queen of nepo-babies, these two were born, bred, and swaddled in glamour since birth. So, it’s no surprise that they keep up the glamour in great, complimentary fits. And this one boasts a red herring: a surprisingly stylish, budget-smart H&M dress. We’ll be adding that to cart instantly.

Tom and Zendaya

Thanks to Law Roach, this dynamic duo has been running the runway from the instant they went public as a match — in fact, they were a formidable match before their relationship was official. Their endlessly iconic fits prove that complementary dressing can take each individual outfit to the next level. We’ll be talking about their style for eons.

Timothee Chalamet and Taylor Russell

Indulge me on this one: I know they’re not a couple, but these two know how to do a press tour. Their characters in Bones and All were a masterclass in peak dirtbag style but their red carpet looks are the epitome of elegance. This is what every fashionable couple aspires to — even if they’re not (as far as we know, right???) actually together. The best-dressed item that never was. (Plus: a bonus Luca)

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