I Thought I Was Doomed To Suffer From Migraine Forever

The first one occurred when I was 14, and it terrified me. I didn't know what was happening, I felt disoriented, sick, and daylight drove me under the bed covers. But I soon learned to recognize the signs that another migraine was on its way. And I'd spend the rest of the day in a darkened room with a blinding headache and nausea.

Unless you suffer from them, you'll never know what migraine is like. "Take an aspirin," friends have told me, implying that I might be exaggerating. They have no idea.

Almost anything can trigger a specific attack of migraine - stress, allergies, fatigue, a flashing light, an argument. You never know what will cause it or when it will crash in on you. When a migraine headache appears, the only thing to do is batten down the hatches.

People afflicted with migraine have long been misunderstood. Luckily, that's changing – and one of the positive signs is Cove, the only telemedicine company dedicated to migraine care. Cove works with licensed doctors who specialize in migraine to create a personalized treatment plan based on your online consultation and then delivers your meds right to your doorstep.

I'm pretty wary about online medical advice of any kind, especially when it comes to migraine. There's a lot of conflicting ideas about the origins and treatments of it – could I trust Cove?

Cove's straightforward approach did a great deal to reduce my suspicions. Can it be that they actually understood? Given the way they approach the whole subject, it sure looked like they might.

For just a $4 consultation fee, I took a quiz. I'll be honest, it was a bit long – 20 minutes or so. But I really appreciate Cove's transparency and the personal details they require. By examining my specific symptoms they'll discover my particular brand of migraine headaches (there are several types).

One part of the quiz involves uploading 2 video components, so my licensed doctor can rule out any other issues. This online consultation helped my doctor find the best treatment for my personal needs.

Their doctors specialize in migraine, so they know precisely what you're going through. They understand that no two migraine experiences are the same – that each one is unique, just like you.

Cove doctors will work with you to determine which of their 20+ treatment options is the best for you. Based on that consultation, doctor-recommended treatment is delivered right to your door in either monthly or quarterly shipments - you choose. That way, you'll never be ambushed by migraine again.

Cove provides you with a progress tracker to record any attacks and see how your treatment is working. What a great way to calibrate your treatment. And with unlimited 24/7 messaging access to a licensed doctor, you can take advantage of migraine expertise whenever you need it.

From the moment you finish your online consultation, Cove offers convenient and affordable services. Plans run from $20 - $79 a month, depending on what's prescribed by your Cove doctor. The initial online consultation is $4, and for $4 per month you'll have ongoing care and continued access to your doctor.

The first thing migraine sufferers learn is that there is no cure. But we're so fortunate that Cove is there to provide a better way for migraine sufferers to get more convenient, more affordable, and more effective care.

I'll admit it. I was doubtful at first, but they really came through for me. Cove has been a true lifesaver.

A better treatment for migraine from Cove is available online now. Click here to get started.

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