How I Took My Curly Hair Care To The Next Level

I friggin' love my hair conditioner. My hair is ridiculously coarse and curly so I'm no stranger to tangles, breakage, and split ends. Ever since I was a little girl, I always made a point of using a healthy amount of conditioner every time I took a shower.

To be honest, I was pretty oblivious when it came to the detriments of using a hair conditioner. It wasn't until one night when I was hanging out with a few girlfriends that we started talking about which hair products we prefer. As we shared our favorites, two of my friends brought up the fact that too much conditioner can actually be a bad thing.

I instantly became defensive and started going through my laundry list of reasons for why I love hair conditioners. While they agreed that conditioner 'is great for detangling hair and breakage, too much conditioner can actually create a lot of build-up on your scalp. Conditioners might not be as dangerous as shampoo, but they still contain a ton of synthetic gunk which prevents moisture, natural oils, and nutrients from reaching your hair follicles.

Build-up can even make your hair look oily after you've already washed it! I was so distraught. Was my hair care regimen really that detrimental? Based on how often I was conditioning my hair, the answer was a resounding yes.

I decided it was time to finally try something different, but I had no idea where to go. Luckily, that same night, another friend told me about a brand called Hairstorywho she believed was revolutionizing the hair-care industry.

She went on to explain that Hairstory offers a revolutionary detergent-free shampoo called New Wash which basically takes the principles behind moisturizing skincare and applies it to your hair.

Since stripped scalps lead to more oil and oil sends you back to the shower, shampoo can basically be considered grease. Luckily, Hairstory's New Wash cleans your scalp without any detergents whatsoever. This means that you aren't depriving your scalp of that all-important protective oil barrier which also eliminates the need for conditioner as a result!

After using the New Wash for about two weeks, I still missed my traditional conditioner, but after another month passed, I began to see a change in the overall health of my hair. My unmanageable curls were starting to look a bit leaner. Even better, my hair felt more natural—no crunchy sensation anywhere!

I couldn't imagine that my hair would look even better by switching to a different conditioner, but I kept at it, and boy was I happy with the results. I never thought that a leave-in shampoo/conditioner could actually result in higher levels of silkiness and shine, but here we are!

Considering how pleased I was with the results, I decided to also try Hairstory's Hair Balm, a leave-in conditioner that, like their New Wash, gives you all the benefits of your traditional conditioner without any of the harmful chemicals and toxins stripping oils away from your scalp. I've only been using it for about one week, but I'm already seeing a little more sheen in my hair.

If you're anything like the old me—who puts pounds of conditioner in her hair each week—then you need to try Hairstory's New Wash. Trust me, you'll be doing your hair a huge favor.

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