Customized Vitamins and Minerals To Help You Live Your Best Life

These three women are chasing their own version of happiness living super different lifestyles, but one thing that ties them together is their self care routine with MadeFor. It's a custom supplement service that uses information about your body and lifestyle to create a one-of-a-kind mix of high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements to help you meet your unique health goals.

The daily supplement packs are easy to throw in a purse, and MadeFor's subscription means you don't have to make extra trips to the pharmacy to function at your best. Each girl's lifestyle is wildly different, but Madefor plays a key role in their daily routine to keep them feeling 100%. Read on for a sneak peek into Madeline, Sarah, and Patty's day-to-day lives.

8:00 AM

Madeline: Still lounging in bed after pressing snooze too many times. I'm about to get up and rush to get dressed for work. I can always put on makeup in the car if I need to.

Sarah: I'm in the carpool lane dropping my twins off at school. Today they're doing a skit about the first Thanksgiving at assembly, and I was up all night making costumes. I'm exhausted.

Patty: ZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

10:00 AM

Madeline: I'm finally at work, checking my emails to see if there were any advertising emergencies that happened overnight. Afterwards I take a few minutes of me time at my desk to enjoy my work day survival kit: coffee, some fruit and MadeFor vitamins. My vitapacks make starting the day a little bit easier, with a custom mix of supplements to boost brain power, because I'm in line for a promotion but had been feeling kind of foggy lately.

Sarah: After dropping the kids off, I run to a spin class. Despite getting to bed way later than I'd hoped, I push myself to sweat it out at this class. Since the twins were born, I've been trying to work off that pregnancy bod, but the lack of a steady sleep schedule can get exhausting. Supplements and exercise have been a game changer in keeping up my energy levels.

Patty: ZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZ

1:00 PM

Madeline: Lunchtime! I take a break with my work wife Michelle to go to our favorite salad place. I spend too much to get salmon on my salad, and we work gossip and discuss my presentation happening this afternoon.

Sarah: Home for the rest of the day and I'm taking care of some stuff around the house and enjoying a few precious hours of quiet. I make tea and take my MadeFor vitamin pack, which has supplements to help me with my sleep. I've been taking them for a few months and have noticed a huge difference in how well rested I feel.

Patty: Rise and shine!! My alarm goes off at noon, and I down some cereal and way too much coffee. Being a bartender gives me great tips in exchange for late nights at work.

3:00 PM

Madeline: Reviewing my talking points in my head and feeling pretty confident going into this presentation. Wish me luck!

Sarah: Carpool time again! Kiss the twins hello and give them some carrots & pretzel sticks for afternoon snacks.

Patty: I'm a painter by trade so I spend a couple of hours working on my drawings before getting ready for work.

5:00 PM

Madeline: My presentation went great! I swear these vitamins make a huge difference in my ability to answer follow up questions articulately. Putting the finishing touches on some work before heading to happy hour with my friends for trivia night!

Sarah: My family is eating dinner, which is always my favorite time of day. It's the one time we get to all be together, and I cherish it. Today we're eating chicken and veggie stir fry and I'm surprising them with ice cream sundaes as a treat.

Patty: I just got to my shift at the bar and am eating some food and trying to get excited for the night. I grab my MadeFor vitamins out of my purse, and down them before the after-work rush begins. My supplements help boost my energy, so I can be charismatic on my feet all night until my shift ends at 2 AM. Get ready to make some tips!

Your life is unique. Your vitamins should be too. MadeFor makes custom supplement mixes to fit your needs, because as these 3 women can tell you, one small change in your daily routine can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Madefor now is offering a discount when you opt for the 3 month or 6 month pre-paid plan! Vitamins take 3 months to see the full effects, so we recommend these options to get the best deal.

Update: Madefor has a limited time offer that gets you up to 20% off your vitamin plan! Take the 3 minute quiz to get started!

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