Why The Internet Is Obsessed With CUUP. And If It’s Worth It.

I've always had a difficult time finding comfortable bras in my size that are also stylish and won't cost me hundreds of dollars.

All of my current bras have cons and pros. One's sexy, but digs in. Another one fits perfectly, but it looks like my grandma's couch. I'd completely given up on finding a bra that ticks all the boxes one bra should.

Then, my friend sent me a bunch of fun pics in her new CUUP bras. She's got a much smaller chest than I do, and she was wearing see-through cups and gorgeous colors. I told her not to make me too jealous, but she mentioned they range from cup sizes A-H and band size 30-44, so they might actually carry my size.

I looked at the CUUP website, and loved the styles. Everything came in beautiful neutral shades as well as prints like leopard and rich, vibrant hues like sea blue and sun yellow. About half of their bras were made out of a sheer mesh material. They were gorgeous on the models, but I didn't know how I'd feel in something so revealing.

They've got an in-depth fit quiz you can take to double-check your size, so I went through it, grabbing a measuring tape for my chest and hunting down the label of my favorite-fitting bra (that I've had since 2014) to see if my size would be the same. The quiz verified my size, and even though I'd never bought a bra online before, these were so beautiful, I wanted to try one.

I decided to try the bestselling Balconette in Black, which is sheer, and the more opaque Scoop, in the rosy Clay color. If these fit, they'd be a steal compared with the expensive department store bras I was used to.

I put in the order, with some matching underwear in high-waisted shapes that I knew were more flattering, but I hadn't really added to my closet yet.

When everything arrived, I loved the packaging, but I still had concerns; would these really fit? I started with the Scoop, since it was similar to some of my current bras. I liked the thicker straps and the flattering shape. It fit comfortably, on the middle hook. In the mirror, I was shocked. I barely felt like I was wearing a bra, let alone an underwire bra, and I grabbed a t-shirt to see how it looked underneath. You couldn't see it all!

It wasn't digging into my breasts or my shoulders. Yay! I have a new everyday bra! Even if the balconette was too much, I'd be happy. Still, I put it on. The black was so classic and gorgeous, but honestly, I was a little scandalized for a moment! I definitely grew up trying to add padding to disguise any nip showing through, but I don't know why; I felt like an artist's muse, the mesh was so, so pretty. There was a gentle lift, but it really put the female anatomy on display, and I'm kind of loving it.

It also fits! Ahhh! Also, the quality was good - I didn't feel like I'd rip a hole in the mesh or anything like that.

Finally, the booty those underwear gave me….incredible. Whoever designed CUUP honestly understands women's figures more than anyone else. Everything felt supportive and comfortable, but I also felt like I was showing off my body in a new way.

I'm amazed that CUUP designs for women of all shapes, and apparently they're increasing their band sizes this year, too. I'm going back and buying one of everything from them; there's no better feeling than a set that fits.

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