Everything You Need To Know About CUUP's Sexy, Minimalist, Size-Inclusive Bras

As a fashion editor, I’m well aware of the struggle to find the perfect bra - stores aren't size-inclusive or brands aren’t prioritizing comfort, making it harder to find one worth investing in.

I knew there had to be a bra out there that hit the trifecta: stylish, comfortable, and most importantly supportive. After what felt like years of searching I came across CUUP - modern, minimal, unlined bras built for women of all sizes.

It’s clear that CUUP is a brand that’s all about helping women everywhere look and feel good. With cup sizes A to H and band sizes 30 to 44, you can find your perfect fit. This brand checks everything off my list thanks to their high-quality materials, essential nudes, fun color drops, and the comfort of all 5 silhouettes.

Unlike so many brands, CUUP always keeps things fresh with new color collections for their signature silhouettes, throughout the year. For summer, there was bright yellow or sea blue and in the fall, the new collection embraced vibrant shades like emerald, clay, and dahlia.

I’ve fallen in love with literally every silhouette; The Balconette is a life-changing combination of sexy comfort I’ve never found before, while The Scoop is like yoga pants for your boobs (yes, I’m serious).

CUUP is giving us unique twists on modern classics, and I can’t get enough! Plus, with a range from sheer and sensual to comfortable coverage, CUUP has got every occasion covered.

Not only does CUUP help you keep it fresh and fun, but their prices are more affordable than most brands, especially those high-end specialty boutiques. Larger sizes and higher quality often run $100+ per bra, while all of CUUP’s bras are $68.

This bra brand has completely changed the way I feel when I look in the mirror. My confidence is through the roof when I’ve got a CUUP bra on; with the sheer mesh and the perfect flattering fit, there’s just nothing else like it.

Now's the time to look great and feel even better with a CUUP Bra in an exclusive seasonal color! I’m so excited that I never have to hunt for a decent bra ever again.

Editors Note: CUUP now offers the Balconette, Plunge, Scoop, and Demi in 14 NEW SIZES - 38H, 40B - 40G, 42C - 42F, and 44C - 44E. All available in their Core colors and future launches.

JUST FOR YOU: Shop bras that look and feel great in every size, A to H and shop Undies (3 for $45) for the perfect set. Follow this link to shop!

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