Thinking Of Trying Out CUUP? Read This First

Why is it so hard to find a bra that ticks every box? Like, one that's supportive, comfortable, and stylish?! One that you can wear every day of the week and it makes you feel sexy? It seems next to impossible, especially if you wear a larger cup size.

Our editors are constantly on the lookout for top notch products for our readers, and we've discovered a brand that is redefining women's intimate apparel: CUUP.

Our editors tried them out, and, boy, are we impressed. CUUP's bras have ticked every box for us and are made for real women. Curious? Well, here are all your questions answered:

What is CUUP?

CUUP offers a collection of modern, minimal, unlined bras built for all women. CUUP is focused on the way bras look and feel on the body, so there's never any bulky, unnecessary frills, or padding.

What sizes are available?

CUUP offers bras in A to H cup sizes and for bands from 30 to 38 (with 40 and 42 bands also in the works). They want women to embrace their natural size and shape, which is why they're so body positive and inclusive. It's quite a challenge to create a bra that has the same look and feel no matter if you're a 32A or a 38G, but CUUP has nailed it.

How do I find my CUUP size?

CUUP's "Fit Quiz" is super easy and will help you find your precise CUUP size. You may be surprised to discover that your CUUP size isn't the typical size you'd go for but trust the process!

And if you're totally unsure, you can schedule a virtual fitting with one of their amazing Fit Therapists. CUUP offers free and fast exchanges too, so you can be sure to find your perfect fit.

What styles are available?

CUUP's 5 silhouettes each take a classic style and give them a modern, minimalist twist. The Balconette is a sleekly sheer, unlined bra with wide-set straps for open necklines. The Plunge is a paired-down mesh bra with a deep V silhouette, it's like a bralette but actually supportive! The Scoop is your everyday essential - it has enough support for daily wear but it's soft enough to forget that you're wearing anything at all. These are just a few of CUUP's amazing styles!

How does CUUP ensure quality?

CUUP's product development and manufacturing partner has been producing bras globally for 30 years. All CUUP bras go through a series of wash and wear tests so they meet or exceed care label expectations. Their bras are made from the highest quality materials only - you'll be impressed by the luxe feel and snug support.

Is CUUP affordable?

Compared to what most big cup sized women pay for a bra of this quality, CUUP's prices are much more affordable. While many boutiques and department stores charge upwards of $100, CUUP's bras are only $68. Amazing value for such premium materials and flattering design.

Yep, after trying out CUUP, we highly recommend these bras to any woman. They are size inclusive, and by far the most comfortable we've tried. Check out CUUP today, you won't regret it!

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