Daily Contacts from Hubble - is there really a difference?

Daily vs. monthly contact lenses -- is there really a difference? I used monthly lenses for about 10 years and had become familiar with the struggles (dry eyes, the panic you feel when you're about to run out of contacts, dreading having to wear your outdated glasses, constantly buying contact solution, wondering how you'll survive the day without your moisture drops, and aggravating eye irritation from over-wearing your lenses). A few months ago, I started my first desk job where I'm looking at a computer screen most of the day. At first, I couldn't figure out why my contacts kept getting so cloudy and dry with random episodes of light sensitivity and watering. I started having to wear my glasses every other day in order to give my eyes a break. Turns out, we naturally blink less when looking at screens, so my eyes weren't getting refreshed and cleansed as often as they should be. Upon this realization, I knew I couldn't put up with discomfort any longer. I was a girl on a mission.

Beyond ready to ditch the ol' frames, I researched options for daily contact lenses. In the past, I hadn't really considered dailies. I'd just heard they were more expensive until I stumbled across a new brand, Hubble. Hubble offers daily contact lenses that are only $36 a month (super affordable) and are mailed right to your doorstep each month -- sounds doable. But are they high quality? I knew if I was putting it in my eye, it had to be something I could trust, so I asked the doc. My optometrist described Hubble as an up-and-coming brand that is challenging the status quo with its affordable alternative. With nothing but positive reviews, I walked out of my optometrist's office with a Hubble prescription in hand.

Ordering time! Here's the best part: your first order is free, just $1 for shipping and handling. 15 days of free contacts? Sign me up. It's a subscription but you can cancel at any time, so I knew if I wasn't a fan I could just cancel it easily online.

But guys, (this is actually the best part): Hubble contact lenses are amazing. I quickly realized that my whole life I'd been settling for dry, irritated eyes but putting in a fresh contact each day makes all the difference and Hubble makes this easy and financially feasible.

So daily vs. monthly contact lenses -- is there really a difference? The answer is absolutely. Each day, I open up a new lens and from screen time to happy hour, these bad boys stay comfortable and clear. Your vision truly impacts your day-to-day and overall quality of life. Thanks to Hubble, gone are the days of settling for foggy contacts, needing moisture drops, worrying about wearing my glasses, or having to remember to order more contacts. I can say confidently, Hubble is "clearly" the way to go.

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