Can A Supplement Really Make Me Feel Better?

I tried The Foundation by Sakara Life ...here's what happened

"Am I treating my body well enough?" Lately, I've been asking myself this at least once a day, questioning my diet, exercise routine, or sleep habits.

I'd stay up late researching supplements and taking quizzes for personalized vitamins on different websites, but I got something different every time. I wished I could just have the perfect vitamins delivered right to me (similar to my fantasy where I let a professional hairstylist just go wild on my mane).

I still wasn't fully convinced vitamins even worked, but I asked my girlfriends if they were taking anything. Results were mixed, but my friend, Charlotte said she wanted to try The Foundation by Sakara Life.

Charlotte had given into those gorgeous ads and tried some of their other products. She'd raved about a few of them, but I didn't know they had vitamins.

Sakara Life is super obsessed with where they source their ingredients - everything is clean and plant-based, so at least I knew their vitamins would be top of the line. I found out that a lot of vitamins from Amazon or elsewhere are made with sketchy ingredients, toxic additives and fillers- since they don't need to be checked by the FDA, they may not even have the amount of nutrients or minerals that the label says they do! It's a mess out there.

Sakara's vitamin packs were formulated by a team of industry experts and doctors and created for maximum bioavailability (meaning you actually absorb the nutrients).

Here's the Foundation:

  • Two Superfood Multivitamin Capsules:
    • What is it? It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals from A to zinc in an organic, phytonutrient-rich superfood base of moringa leaf extract, amla, quinoa sprouts, and baobab. It includes the only Vegan certified vitamin D3, sourced from lichen.
    • What does it do? It helps form a complete nutrient profile, fills potential dietary gaps, and supports immunity, energy, and radiant skin
  • One Complete Probiotic CapsuleFormula:
    • What is it? 11 diverse and complementary probiotic strains, prebiotic fiber sourced from papaya and alfalfa, two digestive enzymes, and two functional enzymes.
    • What does it do? It supports gut health for optimal digestion, immunity, nutrient absorption, clear skin, and overall wellness while alleviating bloat..
  • One Macrominerals Capsule:
    • What is it? Calcium and magnesium delivered in their chelated form for maximum bioavailability and absorption, with no excess to cause free-radical damage.
    • What does it do? It supports anti-aging, healthy muscle and nerve function; bone, teeth, and joint health; blood pressure; and mood.
  • One Algae Omega Capsule:
    • What is it? Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA sourced from schizochytrium sp., a nutrient-rich marine microalgae, for a sustainable, extra-potent, mercury-free alternative to fish oil.
    • What does it do? Supports immunity, cognition, and heart health. In clinical studies, microalgae oil has been shown to be comparable to fish oil in its ability to protect against cardiovascular risk factors.
  • One Adaptogenic B-Complex Capsule:
    • What is it? A complete suite of B vitamins synergistically combined with Ayurvedic ashwagandha root extract and a phytonutrient blend sourced from wild green oat seed and moringa leaf extracts.
    • What does it do? Supports energy, sleep, thyroid function, and healthy aging. Ashwagandha is shown to enhance cognitive function, boost concentration, and regulate stress.

This covered everything, and having them in cute daily packs would remind me to actually take them. They seemed like the best option, but I was chicken, so I let Charlotte get them first. She told me after a week, she noticed she had more energy, she was sleeping better and her skin was clearer. Mentally she felt brighter, less stressed, and more able to focus.

Once I heard how much she liked the vitamin packs, I decided to take the plunge. Here was Sakara Life, a company that actually took the time to create the best formula, and why hadn't I bought it yet? I think I was worried it wouldn't work and I'd be back to square one, but I had to try it.

They have the option to order a 30-day pack or save $15 with a subscription, so I ordered my first month trial before committing to a subscription to see if I liked them..

When it arrived, I loved the packaging even more in person, and thank goodness, the capsules weren't huge! They were easy to take with a glass of water. I also love that by selling the vitamins in the small individual packs, the company uses 80% less plastic than if I were to buy these individual vitamins elsewhere in individual bottles.

Just like Charlotte, after a week, I was sleeping better, feeling more energized and focused during the day, and definitely more motivated to treat my body better. The Foundation packets are like having an insurance policy in case you eat like crap for a bit. However, I noticed an extra boost when I ate more fruits and vegetables, went for walks, and put down my phone.

When I finished my first month, I signed up for a subscription. These are the real deal! Sakara Life makes a game-changing vitamin pack.

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