The Secret To Staying Healthy This Summer Is MadeFor_

At the beginning of last summer, I started a new 9-5 that really had me working from 8-8. I was thrown into a high octane workplace with minimal training, and it took all summer for me to start figuring out what I was doing. What kept me from pulling my hair out was that I had a vacation to the Bahamas with my best friends planned; I'd been saving for months, but as soon as I left work that Friday, I was hit with a summer stress cold! My body was coasting on stress and deli sandwiches, so when I gave it a moment to relax, it fell apart! Not to mention the plane ride in the germ-filled cabin didn't help.

I spent most of the trip sick, hopped up on Dayquil, and recovering before I could actually enjoy piña coladas with my friends. This year, I wasn't going to let that happen again. I'm less stressed than last year, but only slightly, and I legitimately want to stay healthy and enjoy my beach vacation with my friends this time. We texted about how I could anticipate my body's yearly breakdown, and one friend recommended MadeFor_; it's a company that sends you daily vitamins every month that are customized just for you.

This sounded like the perfect health boost to keep me from getting sick when I finally relaxed. They have an online consultation in the form of a quiz that helps them determine which vitamins and supplements you need. It's thorough, but instead of entering your information into a complicated form, it's just answering questions by pressing picture icons. I liked that they asked me about my menstrual symptoms, my allergies, and my lifestyle to get a full picture of my health.

I was also able to choose 3 health goals, so I chose immune system, mood, and stress. I thought that stress was just a given for working in finance, but maybe it didn't have to impact my life so negatively.

MadeFor_ offered me Vitamin C and Astaxanthin to boost my immune system, Vitamin D3 for my immune system and because I definitely don't get enough sunshine for most of the year, a 2-in-1 prebiotic and probiotic to help with immune system and my gastrointestinal issues (let's be real, I don't have a b.m. for at least 3 days after traveling), and finally, Reishi. They call it "the "divine mushroom of immortality," because it contains complex sugars known as beta-glucans, which strengthen the immune response to everything from allergies to cancer. I wasn't just getting an immune booster, I was getting the full spectrum to advance my health at every level.

Trying all these vitamins is also way more affordable than buying them in bulk. My month's supply of Vitamin C is just $6, when a full bottle usually costs at least $20. When my first batch of vitamins arrived, I fell in love with the packaging - they come in a cute box I'd leave at work, so I could take my supplements with lunch, and each day's pills come in a packet with my name on it!

I knew it would take a while to feel the effects, but for me, after just a month, I was feeling a little less frazzled. Work was just as busy, but I felt less like death in the morning, and was reminded more of the parts of my job I really enjoy.

This time, when I left work for the airport (vitamins in my carry-on), I was nervous I'd get sick, but even after a delayed, overbooked flight, I was ready to hit the beach. We went ATV-ing, snorkeling, and late-night dancing from night one, because my body didn't need to crash and burn.

Made For_ has given me the health boost to manage my stressful life a little better and be able to fully relax when I want to relax.

Update: Madefor is offering our readers an save up to 20% on your vitamin plan now!

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