Dance your way through the New Year

Dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen.


Think those days are past you? Think again. Dancing is one of the best ways to workout. It's fun, social,and a great way to burn calories without thinking about it. With the fitness industry booming and workout classes becoming more affordable and accessible than ever, there are endless opportunities to try something new, break a sweat, and bust a move. Here are some of our favorites.

Barre 3

Arizona Daily Sun

This one is pretty magical. Located in 32 states, Canada, and The Phillipines, this class is super accessible. If you don't live anywhere near a Barre 3 studio, you can even take class online. Born out of Portland, Oregon, the class is a marriage between ballet and pilates. Using a small weighted ball, a resistance band, and two small weights, the workout is a combination of small range of motion and large range of motion ballet-inspired moves to work your muscles under varying intensities. A dancer myself, this was one of the most amazing workouts experienced. I was sore everywhere after, so make sure to stretch well and maybe reward yourself with a warm bath. If you take the class online, no need to buy the accessories, they'll send you everything you need. Keep tabs on their website here because they're often posting deals like six months of online class for $99.

305 Fitness

Boston Magazine

This particular class is near and dear to my heart because I'm from the 305. That's right, this class is inspired by the dance club culture of Miami Beach, Florida. I walked into the studio and I was immediately pumped. From the modern graphic art, to the all-pink-everything aesthetic of the studio, to the upbeat personalities of the instructors, it's the perfect atmosphere to step out of your comfort zone. During class, they turn the lights down low and the DJ up. The instructors encourage you to put your own personal flair on the hip hop infused choreography and to let go of your inhibitions. When you leave, you feel like you were the hottest thing at the club. Even two days later, I was still sore which confirmed that the workout does wonders for the muscles we don't always pay attention to. Check out all of their offerings here.

Vixen Workout

Time Out

Vixen Workout was created by a former Miami Heat dancer after trying her hand at the corporate world and realizing that she was meant to dance. Wanting to share her passion for dance with other women, she founded Vixen and since then the company has grown immensely. The amazing part about Vixen is that even though their main studio is in Miami and their pop up is in New York, they empower women across the world to become instructors and offer the work out to women in their community. On their website, you can easily find an instructor near you. Vixen now spans across three continents and over ten countries. The class itself was infectious. The positivity and empowerment was radiant. Based on the principle of "stay hungry, live fierce," the amazing instructors encourage you to never stop moving and to not be afraid to feel sexy and indulge a little.



Ever see a Bollywood film and wish you could get up and dance with them? I've always found that style of moving so expressive. The new BollyX dance workout allows you to learn the style of movement used in the Bollywood film industry and get a good workout in while you're at it. The class boasts 500-800 calories burnt per class due to the constant movement and high intensity cardio it involves. The class is quickly spreading across the states and they even have an option to request a class in your area or to become certified if you're interested. Similar to Barre 3, BollyX also offers an online class so you can workout from home. They have some offerings that are even free. Check them out here.

Whether you're dropping it like it's hot in the club, busting your best Bollywood moves, or perfecting your posture with Barre 3, these four classes will make your 2018 fitness goals realities. Making big changes in your wellness routine can seem intimidating, so find a fun way to do so with exciting exercise rituals like these amazing dance workouts.

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