6 COVID-Safe Date Ideas for Autumn

It is certainly brisk when you walk the streets of New York.

As we close in on the end of daylight savings, the days of patio get-togethers are slowly waning. The wind has picked up, it's getting darker earlier, the sun doesn't come out to play as often, and temperatures are quickly dropping after 6pm. As winter encroaches, it may become a little more difficult to plan a get together with your pals, let alone a date with a stranger. Zoom dates are insanely awkward, and a walk in the park can only bring so much joy after a certain time of year, but don't let the chilly temps discourage you. Here are a few COVID-safe options for those who are still looking to make the most out of 2020's unusual cuffing season.

Grocery Run

grocery shopping

Grocery shopping has become one of our sole remaining social activities in the days of COVID, so why not bring a pal along with you?

In the pandemic's early days, grocery runs came with an insane amount of stress thanks to every store's empty shelves. But now, as the panic has subsided, grocery runs have remained one of the only reasons to put on an outfit. They can also be excellent opportunities to bond with someone. As you shop for yams and black beans, why not do it alongside a potential suitor? Just make sure to keep your hands to yourself.

Talk on the phone, not on Zoom

phone call

With Zoom and FaceTime being the go-to application for face-to-face communication, the tried-and-true phone call has taken a back seat. But Zoom can be exhausting. You have to maintain composure and perfect posture for the entirety of the date, and let's be honest: you spend more time looking at yourself than the other person. But on a phone call, the pressure is off, and you're able to focus on listening to the other person speak more than what you look like. The pressures of a screen can be daunting, so why not just pick up the phone?

Write Letters

Write a letter

Have you guys been texting for a while? Are you both really strict about your quarantine and not ready to meet in person yet? Writing old-fashioned letters is a great way to elevate the romance without risking contact. There is nothing more romantic than receiving a handwritten letter in the mail, and the process can be a really easy way to keep things fresh while you wait out this mess.

Make a playlist



Playlist-making has become an art form in recent years and is a great way to show your tastes and vulnerability to a potential partner. There is something sacred about sharing a song together, especially if it's a romantic one. A perfect playlist can reveal your feelings without you having to say anything, which is very sexy.

For those who want to indulge in their yearning, craft a meaningful playlist and send it to your lover so you can both share in that moment together.

Watch A Movie Together

Drive-In theater

Drive-In theaters are booming thanks to the pandemic, and most of them offer joint viewings. Set up Zoom from your separate cars, and indulge in a prolonged film experience together. If drive-ins aren't your thing, set up a weekly zoom call and trade off viewing of your favorite films. Your favorite movie says a lot about you and your character, and you two will undoubtedly learn a lot about each other by sharing your favorite films.

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