Dear Diary: My Real Experience With vVARDIS

As someone who has always aspired to have picture-perfect teeth, I can honestly say that I've tried almost every product out there. From dental strips and bleaching kits to LED-whitening devices, I have truly gone the distance to achieve a brighter, cleaner smile.

Unfortunately, nothing I tried gave me the results I wanted. I even found out that most of the whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes I tried use way too much peroxide. Since I have sensitive teeth, I figured stinging was normal -- and it was a price I was willing to pay for a bright smile. But, after countless attempts, I ended up with nothing to show but pain and a slightly whiter smile.

Still, I knew there had to be something out there that could help me keep my smile white and healthy. I mean it wasn’t like I could get my teeth cleaned and whitened by a dentist every week.

My friends think I’m obsessed with my teeth and usually laugh when I bring it up, but one day a friend of mine sent me an ad they’d seen on Instagram for a new oral care company called vVARDIS. They combine the best parts of nature with cutting-edge oral care technology to pioneer the future of enamel care.

vVARDIS is a holistic, Swiss brand founded by Drs. Haleh and Golnar Abivardi (founders of dental group Swiss Smile) who set out to create products that could lead to a drill-free future for all. vVARDIS is inspired by nature and has set a new standard when it comes to oral care routines through their line-up of revitalizing, sustainable, and vegan-friendly whitening products.

Even better, vVARDIS products tout the biggest dentistry innovation since the discovery of Fluoride: the WX Formula. Their patented WX Formula is the foundation for all vVARDIS products and practically creates new enamel-like layers. It’s the ultimate unlock whitening teeth instantly without irritating sensitive teeth and gums.

With such a clean and safe line-up of oral care must-haves, I went ahead and ordered vVARDIS’ Whitening Collection. Although, I was still a little hesitant to see if these natural products would be strong enough to brighten my smile.

Here’s how my first 2 weeks of using vVARDIS went:

Week 1

Everything was delivered on time, right to my doorstep (I didn't have to stalk the drugstore's health aisles anymore) and the packaging was made of renewable and sustainable materials.

Everything in the Whitening Collection looked luxurious and high-end - even the box it all came in! My over-priced electric toothbrush couldn’t compete.

Brushing my teeth with the beautifully-designed Enamel Caressing Toothbrush for the first few days left them feeling cleaned, polished, and protected - a feeling I usually associated with going to the dentist. I’d previously been one to scrub and scrub my teeth, but now I could be way more gentle. I also loved that the flavor of the Enamel Anti-Aging Whitening toothpaste toothpaste was smooth, fresh, and minty without being overpowering.

I love that vVARDISisn’t just a whitening toothpaste or a box of dental strips. By this point, I could even tell that the Enamel Highlighter mouthwash was helping to not only refresh but brighten my smile, leaving this smooth polish feeling

All of the products featured in the Whitening Collection complemented each other day after day and offered a range of benefits without harming my teeth or overall wellness.

After just 1 week, I was already enjoying the way my teeth looked and definitely noticing the added confidence that came with a healthier smile. Of course I liked how my teeth were whitening up, but I also loved that the products were working over time to create healthier, stronger teeth.

For the first time in a while, I found myself excited to start and end each day with my oral care routine.

Week 2

Around the start of week 2 was when I would generally start noticing sensitivity issues with other whitening products. I was surprised that by my second week of using the vVARDIS Whitening Collection I hadn't experienced any pain or discomfort!

Using these products wasn’t a hassle and didn’t take up any extra time out of my already busy day. In fact, I really leaned into my salon-like vVARDIS ritual since it gave me a little bit more time for luxury self-care. It totally changed my mindset of brushing my teeth from a chore to a little scheduled me-time.

Out of everything I had used throughout the month, I have to say my favorite product, is hands down, was the White Enamel serum.

It turns out that this Serum is one of the only whitening treatments infused with tech-powered ingredients, like vVARDIS patented revolutionary WX formula, to nourish, protect, and strengthen teeth. I couldn't believe the White Enamel Serum whitened my smile without ever activating any sensitivity in my teeth and gums.

Unlike so many other gels I've used, this one wasn't tacky, sticky, and didn't leave a nasty taste in my mouth. Best of all, I instantly felt it working and continued to feel it throughout each day.

It’s clear this brand and its founders care about dental hygiene and can be trusted to help safely whiten teeth and revamp the way you view your oral care wellness. Their connection to nature makes their products not only effective, but also trustworthy as they’re simply mimicking teeth’s natural state!

Before I discovered vVARDIS, nothing I used whitened my teeth, and when I did see minimal improvements, it wasn’t without pain. After using vVARDIS for 2 weeks I can honestly say my teeth feel smoother, whiter than they've ever been. Now I get that after-the-dentist silky feeling every day.

When I looked in the mirror and smiled, I couldn’t help but smile even bigger. I even noticed that feeling good about my oral care helped me feel good in other areas of my life. Smiling really does boost the entire immune system!

These luxurious oral care products by vVARDIS, like the White Enamel Serum, have helped me completely renew my oral care routine!

Do what’s best for your oral health and brighten your smile with vVARDIS’ Whitening Collection.

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