Why Everyone Should Treat Themselves to a Dip Powder Manicure

Gel manicures have been on the beauty market forever. When they first came out, the idea of getting a lasting manicure for around $20 to $30 was mind-boggling. But while gel manicures are long-lasting and gorgeous, they strip nails of their healthy, natural beds. Luckily, there's an alternative. In the past year, dip powder has emerged from the shadows, to the delight of devoted (but frustrated) lovers of gel manicures.

While more expensive, dip powder manicures are worth the extra cost. I began getting dip powder manicures last year. While they're not as widely available as gel manicures, it's worth the extra ten-minute drive or subway ride to find the healthiest option for your nails. With dip manicures, you don't have to worry that the gel will start to chip away and reveal damaged natural nails, which ultimately come back weaker and more brittle over time.

Dip powder manicures open up the possibility of gorgeous, healthy nails. Women can have what they want at a worthwhile price: a monthly manicure that offers a relaxing experience.


So, how does it work?

The nail technician first applies a clear protective polish before dipping each finger into the colored powder. Then they brush off the excess powder and apply another coat of polish onto every nail. The steps are repeated, typically two to three times, until each nail is fully coated. Finally, you'll place your hands under a fan to dry your nails—instead of a harmful UV light. The whole process typically takes around an hour, similar to a gel manicure.

Whenever I get a dip powder manicure, it lasts for three weeks to a month, if it was appropriately applied. Instead of the polish chipping away at your nail plate, the polish pops off quite smoothly over time. You won't have to worry about a recovery period for your nails, because as soon as your dip powder manicure is gone, you're free to hit up your manicurist for another round of dip powder (yes, like the addict you are), without worrying about the health of your nails.

Dipping Powder Nails - Suzie's Step by Step

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