Ditch the Drugstore: 5 Reasons People are Switching to PillPack

The traditional pharmacy hasn't evolved much in decades. The personalized pharmacies of the past have been all but replaced by today's impersonal chain of drugstore. We've grown accustomed to our prescriptions not being ready when we finally get to the counter, having to chase down our doctors and insurance, and having to juggle our own medications at home. Taking our medications should be simple. PillPack is at the forefront of pharmacy innovation, revolutionizing the experience on every level. Whether you juggle a dozen prescriptions a day or just forget to take your vitamins or supplements, PillPack is a foolproof way to never skip or double a dosage again.

Here are five reasons why PillPack customers are skipping the drugstore and getting their lives back.

"They're light years ahead of anyone else."

PillPack processes your prescriptions, over-the-counters, and vitamins and sorts them into individual packets labeled with the dosage and time of day you need to take them. This way, there's no more struggling with pillboxes or remembering if you took your meds. "I'm not spending my nights counting out my pills and putting them in packs,or forgetting to fill prescriptions," says Chris D. from New York. Now, he spends more of his time planning a proposal to his girlfriend and volunteering. PillPack makes your medication an afterthought, giving you more energy to devote to the things you care about.

"I get my life back on Sundays."


Healthcare requires a lot of attention. Managing medications, insurance and co-pays can be a nightmare, but not with PillPack. PillPack's team of pharmacists transfers your existing prescriptions from your pharmacy and coordinates with your doctors and insurance to manage all your refills for you. You'll never be caught without enough medication. "It's a huge weight off my shoulders," says Chris. "That kind of day-to-day management is my favorite part of the service."

"It's the only way to do medicine."

PillPack's convenience can't be beat. After you sign up, PillPack will regularly deliver your medication straight to your home. What about taking your medications on-the-go? Just rip off the packets you'll need and you're all set. "I travel for work and vacation," says Ryan P. from Louisiana. "Now, it's just amazing, I just tear off five packs and throw it in the bag."

"My husband can be the man of the house again."


It can be exhausting and burdensome to manage your daily medication. PillPack gives you the means to take your life back. Before PillPack, Claudia's husband, James, needed help managing his pills. "He was upset about how much I had to go through his meds every single month; it caused his blood pressure to stay up," said Claudia. After they switched him to PillPack, the results were immediate. "Since he's had PillPack, he hasn't had a spike in his blood pressure...he knows he doesn't have to 'bother me' about his medicine."James doesn't feel like he has to be taken care of — he can be more independent. It's the perfect pharmacy," she says. And best of all, James is "the man of the house again."

"You ask yourself how you ever lived without it."

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Even with everything PillPack provides, there are no extra costs beyond your usual co-pays. You can't put a price on peace of mind, which is why shipping is free, too. "It made my life a lot easier," says Patty D. from Florida. "I know what I need to take during the day and at night — and if I have problems, I call Jennifer [at PillPack]. It's one less thing I have to worry about." Their team is always available, 24/7, by phone or email, and they're truly out to deliver the best experience possible.

Thousands of users swear by PillPack. "PillPack has simplified my life," says Janet P. from South Dakota. "Even after just a few weeks, I'm not questioning whether I took my meds or not...That speaks volumes." Whether you save a few minutes or hours a week, PillPack is always worth your time.

The trip to the pharmacy is outdated. But PillPack is making it modern, and changing lives in the process. Click here to sign up for PillPack and get your prescriptions delivered to your home at no extra cost.

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