Do I Have Too Many Friends?

Friends are awesome. They're the ones that will hold your hair back when you puke, will wait overnight in line with you for SNL tickets, and will bring you over a large bucket of guacamole when you're sick. (Or, chicken soup, I guess.)

But how do we know when we have too many friends? Is it possible? Well, it's possible to overeat, oversleep, and overbuy, so over-socializing seems possible too.

Socializing has developed a different meaning than it has before the age of technology. Now it means chatting, snapping, tweeting, and whatever other virtual engagements kids are engaging in these days. Real socializing means having face-to-face conversations and interpreting real-life gestures, including eye contact and body language. Here's how to determine who's a real friend and who's just an online avatar.

First, write a list of your five closest friends, and three qualities that make these people your friends. Think about instances in your life where your friends have been there for you, and moments where they haven't. Does the good outweigh the bad?

Next, go through your social media accounts. Chances are, there will be people you haven't spoken to in years, people you never liked from high school, and people you've never even met before. Are these people really your "friends"? Do they have the same qualities that you defined in your closest friends? Do you see them or contact them on a regular basis?

Having lots of people in your life is a great thing, but only when these people are really in your life and not just images on the web. Declutter and make your real friends feel special. More face time, less "facetiming".

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