Do Kids Like Hint? Here’s What Happened When My Kids Tried It.

September's just around the corner, so I'm getting the kids ready for school – and Hint fruit-infused water is going with them.

This summer I noticed how hard it was to keep that rambunctious duo of mine properly hydrated. They'd run around like crazy and arrive home cranky and tired. I suspected this was because they think that plain water is "boring, Mom!" But juice and soda aren't viable long-term solutions.

I'd often considered flavored water only to discard the notion because so many beverages are packed with sugars and sweeteners. I needed something tasty and healthy, something my kids could fall in love with.

Then the kids came home from a recent playdate with empty bottles of Hint. "Mom, Mom, Mom! You gotta try this." Sure, I'd heard of Hint, the zero-calorie fruit-infused water, but never thought my kids would be bouncing up and down about it. Jude tried the Cherry and loves it. And Harriet's bottle was Crisp Apple. Maybe Hint could be the solution I was looking for, but I needed to check it out first.

When I went to their site I noticed that Hint delivers refreshment without any sugar, diet sweeteners, or calories. Hint is also vegan and gluten-free. It's clear the kids already like the taste. But when I saw that Hint has so many flavors to choose from – Cherry, Blackberry, Watermelon, Clementine, to name a few – I was convinced Jude and Harriet would never get bored with Hint.

Plus, you get an amazing deal - New customers can enjoy 36 bottles for $36 + FREE shipping. That's only $1 per bottle. Plus, the convenience of having it delivered to my door is wonderful! As a mom who runs our household finances, I appreciate the savings on things my family enjoys. And since Hint delivers directly to my door – no more lifting and lugging bottles of water from the grocery store to the car to the house- this sounded perfect.

Our Hint water was delivered on a Friday – just in time for the weekend. Fresh from an afternoon in the park, the kids cracked open a bottle and sat down to a platter of apple wedges and celery sticks. I could tell by their expressions they loved the snack pairing!

Between long classroom sessions and running around the field, my kiddos will need to stay hydrated throughout their day. That's why Hint's fruit-infused still water is going back to school with us, too.

Keep your kids hydrated all day long with Hint! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for $36 PLUS free shipping!

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