Why is Everyone Obsessed With Cure Hydration?

We all know we should drink water.

Most of us know we should probably drink more water. In fact, 75% of Americans are dehydrated … which is abysmal, considering how crucial hydration is for our overall health. But how much water is enough water? The answer: more than most of us think.

Turns out, 8 cups is a lot. And most of us don't have the time, bladder space, or desire to drink that much water.

However, according to common lore, if you do something enough times, it becomes a habit. And, once something becomes a habit, it's seamlessly integrated into your life without the strain of effort. Oh, but those habits are so hard to make.

Even with the pandemic, in the early days when we were stuck at home and making promises to ourselves we never kept, it was hard to get enough water. With literally nothing else to do, most of us still weren't hydrated enough by the New Year. So we committed to yet another vague promise about our state of hydration for our New Year's resolutions.

We really thought we were going to do it, too. Remember at the beginning of the year when everyone bought those giant water bottles? Where are they now? Certainly not on Instagram stories where everyone used to post their progress. We can only assume everyone else gave up on their impractical water bottles just like we did.

But beyond the sheer difficulty of drinking enough water, it turns out just water might not be enough. Even bottled water brands touting added electrolytes might not be hydrating in the way your body needs.

So what then?

A new market of hydration aids has launched that address the sorry state of our collective H2O intake: hydration sachets. You've probably seen them on social media — through ads or testimonials from people you follow — because these small-but-mighty sachets are everywhere, and everyone is drinking them.

Influenced as we are by social media and our friends' habits, this influx of excitement about hydration aids has peaked curiosity — do they work, or are they a mere marketing trick? Are they worth it? Or, should we just try, once more, to drink our eight cups of water?

The answer to these questions is a mixed bag. Not all hydration sachets are created equally. Some have a ton of added sugar, some are exorbitantly priced, some are more aesthetic than effective. But when you look at the ingredients, the results, and yes, the aesthetics, Cure Hydration is cut above the rest.

Why Cure?

Cure Hydration meets all our criteria. Unlike other sugar-filled sachets, Cure uses a science-backed formula for true hydration that's easier than ever to achieve.

Using a formula called Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) — originally developed by the World Health Organization — Cure Hydration is as effective as hooking yourself up to an IV. And while there are spas in New York and Los Angeles that will set you up on an IV when you need a pick me up, Cure Hydration is a much cheaper way of getting the same results.

The science goes over our heads, but to make a long story short, Cure Hydration combines the perfect ratios of glucose and electrolytes to satisfy your body's sodium-glucose cotransport mechanism. In other words, Cure sachets give your body what it needs in the most effective way to absorb it.

And if all the science eludes you, no worries. We're in the same boat. Our key takeaways? Cure sachets are yummy and they work.

While many hydration aids make similar claims, the fact that they're loaded with sugar defeats the purpose. Their sugary formulas are no better than over-sweetened sports drinks. They don't flow as smoothly through your body and often make you crash soon after you drink them.

According to Cure, they're the "sports drink of adulthood," claiming each of their sachets contain "4x the electrolytes of leading sports drinks and is made with real ingredients like organic coconut water, pink Himalayan salt, and lemon juice. No added sugar or anything artificial - just the ingredients your body needs for optimal daily hydration."

While many sports-drink alternatives focus on aesthetics without substance, Cure Hydration has the benefit of both.

Hydration Will Be Aestheticized — and Cure is the Coolest Kid on the Block

It makes sense whyCure Hydrationhas gained the loyalty of everyone from your healthiest friend to prominent health influencers to people on the go. With a successful formula that's saved people worldwide from dehydration, why not take action with our own health?

For example, Cure is already becoming a signifier of health in highly aestheticized, curated images of people's daily lives. Don't be surprised if you see Cure Hydration sachets in a "That Girl" TikTok. They've already been featured as essentials by Emily Oberg, fashion and lifestyle influencer and founder of the brand Sporty & Rich, in a 2021 Highsnobiety interview.

via Highsnob

According to Oberg, "Wellness means being committed to taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. It means doing the work that it takes to evolve and become better each and every day."

Oberg's approach to health is similar to Cure's. Wellness should be holistic, and hydration is key. Oberg's feature signifies that hydration sachets will be a new status symbol. Like the giant water bottles of earlier this year, our social media-fueled habits indicate that we're trying to better ourselves and want to look cool while doing it.

We've seen it happen with daily matcha, morning celery juice, beauty supplements, and on and on. Cure Hydration is the newest health superstar, and it's simpler to stick to than any of its predecessors.

Our Picks

Cure sachets do more than hydrate. Each flavor features a different benefit so you can personalize your experience — and yes, each comes in a bright colored, Instagram ready sachet with a whimsical name.

From the "Golden Hour" ginger and turmeric flavor, to the "Laser Focus" matcha flavor, you can get 14 Individual packets that will level up your hydration and transform how your whole body feels for only $20.99 and free shipping.

Why wait? Time to revolutionize how you think about hydration and fuel your body in a completely innovative way with the best, natural ingredients with Cure Hydration.


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