Why Dogs Everywhere Are Barking About BarkBox

They’re loyal, they keep us safe, they comfort us. They keep us fit, they make us laugh, they make us play. And they love us unconditionally. Dogs.

And because dogs bring out the best in us, they deserve the best we can give.

BarkBox can help with that. They’re a subscription box service that delivers new dog treats and toys to your door every month. With all-natural treats and interactive toys that will keep your pup entertained and make their tail wag like a propeller.

BarkBox offers something for every canine in the country. Allow us to introduce three distinguished doggie judges who’ll share their expert opinions on why they’re happy members of the BarkBox Brigade.

Allow Us To Introduce…Eliza

Being adorable isn’t something you do, it’s something you are. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen me on the Gram — and of course you have. I’m that insanely cute Frenchie with the best collection of chew toys in the world.

Check them out: the Chocolick Slobberies? The Sugrrr Cone? The Winter Wonderball? And they’re all toys from BarkBox, darling. The toys help me stay energized, and also reduce my anxiety while promoting physical and mental stimulation.

Each and every month BarkBox arrives on our doorstep with 2 squeaky toys and 2 bags of wholesome treats in every box. Plus, as a new subscriber, there are 4 freebies to choose from: a Double Stuffed First Box, a YETI® Bowl, Pet DNA Kit or...a free Blink Mini Camera!

Guess which one my mom chose when she signed us up? Being the photogenic pooch I am, she simply had to get the Blink Mini Camera. It allows her to watch me on her Smartphone and share all my gorgeousness with all her friends. I’m so very popular these days — I hope the next BarkBox contains sunglasses.

Need I say the treats are just as faaabulous as the toys?

I’m ready for my close-up now.

Then There’s Kylie (& Chilly-The-Cat)

Hey-hey-hey! Guess what? I’m a pitbull mix. My name’s Kylie. Pardon me while I chomp on the sofa! I’ll eat anything, actually — I’m always hungry because I’m always zoooming from one end of the house to the other. I even ate a cookbook once ‘cause I liked the pictures. The best day of the month is when my Bark Box arrives. Treats! Toys! It’s pawesome!

When my dad subscribed, he went for the Double Stuffed First Box— 2X the toys and treats, valued at $35 for free. We had sooooo many-many toys I shared 1 or 2 with my cat-sister, Chilly. It was a catnip cavalcade!

I’m grateful that Daddy gets the BarkBox cause it shows he’s taking care of me. The BarkBox treats are all-natural and sourced from the U.S. and Canada. No low-grade filler ingredients that cause weight gain, low energy, or dull coats. And my toys are thoughtfully designed, non-allergenic...and FUN!

Dad-Dad, SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR. It’s gotta be BarkBox — they deliver right to your house. All you have to do is open the box and dole out the surprises. DAD! Get the door, it’s BarkBox Time!

And Toby, The Regal Canadian

I appreciate my human so much I let him think he runs things. In reality, I’m the master of the house. As King of the German Shepherd Huskies, I require the very best, which means that any old collection of gewgaws and mush simply won’t do. I require playthings that are unique as I am.

That’s why BarkBox is so eminently satisfying. The contents of each monthly delivery can be customizedfor individual food sensitivities, chew styles, play styles, size, breed, and more. Your first box ships immediately and each month the box is curated around a new theme. My current favorite is Knights of the Hound Table — a noble selection of treats and toys that suit my brave and heroic nature.

I mustn’t neglect to mention that when we first signed up for BarkBox, they sent me a most welcome (and useful!) gift — a black YETI® Boomer 4 Dog Bowl. I treasure it.

My human has chosen well...with my assistance, of course. His Majesty is pleased.

Simply put, Barkbox is a monthly adventure — starring you and your dog! Subscriptions start as low as $20 per month — with 1-, 6-, and 12-month plans available.

The BarkBox team just gets dogs and their beloved humans. The "Happy Team" is available 24/7 and is committed to making sure you and your dog adore every item in your BarkBox. If something doesn't make your pup happy, they’ll send a replacement toy at no extra cost!

Ditch the pet store stuffed animals that get destroyed in 5 minutes. Spoil your pup with long-lasting toys and tasty all-natural treats delivered right to your door each month.

Considering the quality of the toys, the treats, the customization, and the friendliness of the service, BarkBox gets 2 thumbs — and 2 paws — up.