Is Dr. Squatch Honestly Any Better Than Generic Body Wash? Find Out Here

As an avid sports fan, weekend warrior, and editor, is it a shock that the type of soap I used wasn’t my highest priority? Didn’t think so…

But then – to my girlfriend Marissa’s relief – after a rugby club match, I finally had to admit my skin was dry and funky.

What do you expect if you only buy that cheap body wash. And don’t get me started on that stinky lotion you’re using.” Marissa said, as she basked in the glory of her ‘I-Told-You-So’ moment.

But… soap is soap, right?

According to Marissa, cheap products are filled with synthetics and other junk that waters everything down. I thought that was ridiculous. But when I glanced at the back of my body wash, I couldn’t pronounce half of it and had no clue what any of it meant.

Of course, I didn’t want to admit it but I did start to question things. Maybe these products are bad. So, I hopped on my Insta feed and up popped Dr. Squatchpromising.

After a quick search, I discovered that Dr. Squatch is a personal care and wellness brand that crafts a wide range of natural essentials like soap, deodorant, and lotion for men that are long-lasting and smell fantastic. Actually, they’re revolutionizing how guys stay clean, cool, and moisturized.

Since I’d nothing to lose, Marissa urged me to give them a try. So, I finally gave in, placed my first order, and crossed my fingers that Dr. Squatch would be worth it.

Here are my 5 Reasons I’m glad I tried Dr. Squatch:

1. A Variety Of Scents

Not your average soap bar, Dr. Squatch has the world's best-smelling soaps with tons of original scents. After a grueling game of basketball or an extended hike, I’m actually excited to hit the showers. Because I know Dr. Squatch will keep me smelling like a champion even off the court.

Just to name a few:

  • Pine Tar
  • Bay Rum
  • Cool Fresh Aloe
  • Fresh Falls
  • Alpine Sage
  • Wood Barrel Bourbon
  • Birchwood Breeze

Editor’s Note: My top 3 favorites undoubtedly are their Gold Moss, Cold Brew Cleanse, and the Grapefruit IPA.

2. The Ultimate Moisture Hack

Formulated for men, Dr. Squatch’s soaps are crafted with the traditional cold process to retain natural glycerin and nutrients in each bar. This allows their soap to retain natural glycerin and nutrients that nourish your skin. They avoid synthetics and preservatives like what’s often found in generic drugstore products.

3. Far More Than Soap

Dr. Squatch raises the bar on soap.

You can build your entire routine with their high-performance, personal care line. They offer hair care, deodorant, toothpaste, beard oils, and cologne.

4. Bundles Of Savings

Their site has a bunch of bundles that can save you up to 30% on your purchase. Mix-n-max different soaps – the Bay Rum soap, Wood Barrel Bourbon deodorant, and the Fresh Falls shampoo and conditioner for the most awesome-smelling bundle out there. Go light-n-fresh or warm-n-woodsy, it’s completely up to you!

BONUS: Avengers fans, assemble! Talk about the bundle of bundles. Dr. Squatch just dropped a limited-edition collection inspired by Marvel favorites:

  • Liberty Lather: Pumice partnered with antioxidants leave your skin energized with refreshing scents of citrus and cedarwood.
  • Stark Cleanse: A fiery, lathering combo of ingredients like Red Pepper, Blazing Star, and Iron Wood for a rich, woodsy aroma.
  • Divine Storm: Exfoliating, cool, with hints of spice and musk to energize each shower.
  • Scrub Smash: Transforming ingredients like Gamma Amino Acid, All-Heal, and Rhyolite paired with scents of fresh cucumber and green spice that enriches your skin.

The bundle includes: A Collectors Box with Liberty Lather, Stark Scrub, Divine Storm, and Scrub Smash

5. Beats The Drugstore For Convenience

Unlike drugstores, I stock up on all my Dr. Squatch essentials in one place. I’m sometimes forgetful, so I subscribe and thankfully everything delivers on a regular schedule.

Get this, I can even pause, opt out, or reschedule whenever I need. But the best part? By my quick calculations, I can save about 15% on all shipments. Plus free shipping on every future order – even one-time purchases!

Only a few months ago, I’d never have admitted this. But, Dr. Squatch offers far more than your run-of-the-mill drugstore. My bundle keeps my skin fresh and hydrated all day long. Plus, Marissa tells me I smell fine these days!

Don't know where to start? No worries! Dr. Squatch has a short quiz that will help you determine which soap best matches your scent preferences and lifestyle.

Stop living with dry skin that’s compromised by generic drugstore products. Let Dr. Squatch revitalize your personal care routine.

Find Your Perfect Scent With Dr. Squatch Today