10 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Oh no, you just checked the Facebook invite and realized that that party on November 1st is actually a Halloween party. That's right, Halloween is falling on a Thursday this year, a deliciously unclear day that means your friends are free to force you to dress up for not one, but two weekends in a row! If the concept of wearing a costume fills you with more dread than that scene in Hereditary (you know the one), don't worry. We've made it easy for you to let down your loved ones for another year in a row with your absolutely mediocre, last-minute costume!

Cat Costume

If you've never been a cat for Halloween before, we applaud you. But for the rest of you lazy people out there, wear all black, throw some cat ears on, draw on whiskers with eye-liner, pin a strip of fabric to your pants, and leave your pride at the door. Congratulations, you're wildly mediocre.

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