6 Educational YouTube Channels

YouTube is a home to all types of video content. You can binge animal videos or watch Top 10 lists all you'd like, but you can also learn a lot about a wide variety of subjects. Spend your time on YouTube wisely with these intriguing channels.

1. It's Okay To Be Smart

It's Okay To Be Smart is from PBS Digital Studios and features Joe Hanson as your host. He has a Ph.D. and is constantly curious about the universe, science, and history. He delivers information in bite-sized, entertaining chunks. Hanson explains complex scientific concepts like CRISPR and historical marvels, like who built the Egyptian pyramids.

2. Nerdwriter

The Nerdwriter posts weekly video essays that will make you stop and re-consider tenants of tech, pop culture, and society. Most of his videos analyze popular movies and shows. He takes the time to break down why certain narratives work and why some don't. Every week Nerdwriter delivers an engaging essay that will make you second guess what you're taking for granted.

3. Pop Culture Detective

Pop Culture Detective also posts video essays, but these videos tackle tougher issues like masculinity in pop culture and society. For instance, one video tackles why the Big Bang Theory isn't exactly groundbreaking when it comes to masculine stereotypes. This channel reminds you that entertainment serves a bigger purpose in society than a couple laughs and can leave lasting impressions.

4. Vox

Vox is a news site that aims to explain current events, and their YouTube channel does the same. Some of their videos can lean a little far to the left, but most of them offer non-partisan content that breaks down what the heck is going on in the world. But they don't just cover news and politics. They also post videos breaking down various aspects of the entertainment industry, including music, movies, and art. This channel will answer many questions you may have about how things really work.

5. The Film Theorists

Are you an amateur theorist? Do you enjoy analyzing your favorite films and TV shows? This channel is perfect for you. MatPat breaks down popular films and shows, picking up tiny clues and putting them together to blow your mind. He also picks apart flaws in major motion pictures.

6. ASAP Science

ASAP Science explores various questions and topics surrounding science (obviously). The videos are in a fun hand-drawn style and casual enough that you won't even realize you're learning something new. The topics can be as bizarre as examining the health effects of cannibalism or as common as what would happen after a nuclear war.

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