The Best Home Upgrade We Made This Year

We elevated the bedroom, and our sleep cycles.

Since we've been spending more time at home lately, my wife and I have really begun to value our living space so much more than we did before.

So, we decided to re-do our bedroom. We've got a new bed frame, a nice rug, and some blackout curtains. We're going for a modern aesthetic that's super functional.

One issue I've had lately, though, is sleep. Maybe it's just the craziness of this year that's getting to me, or maybe it's that I'm used to running around my office all day so I'm not as tired in the evenings anymore. Either way, I've been finding it hard to get to sleep, and then it's super hard to get up in the mornings.

We're thinking about trying out a new mattress as a solution. We've had our current one for years and it's been fine, but it's just not that comfortable anymore, and we wanted to see if there was something more modern. We started browsing and we came across Eight Sleep.

Eight Sleep is the premiere smart mattress company, who is apparently revolutionizing the way people sleep by combining state of the art technology and comfort with the Pod Pro. It's science-backed, and their goal is engineering ways for you to wake up rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to improve your quality of life every single day.

My wife and I love gadgets, and the Pod Pro mattress includes built-in technology that syncs with your smart devices to help you get the most out of your sleeping hours. First, it's equipped with layer upon layer of reactionary foams for the perfect mix of plush and firm; second, it allows you to track your REM sleep, alarms, temperature, and more, all on your phone.

Turns out, temperature is one of the most important aspects of sleeping healthily and comfortably, according to Eight Sleep's experts. When I read this, something clicked - I've been feeling super warm in bed lately, tossing and turning for hours trying to get comfortable. Maybe that was my issue.

The Pod Pro has a unique design with a top layer called the Active Grid and a side unit called the Hub, which is a water tank built into the Pod that controls the temperature down to the degree so you can reach the optimum cooling levels for a satisfying night's rest. Plus you can control the temperature of each side separately from the app.

When my wife saw that you can connect the Pod Pro to the smart coffee machine we bought recently, he insisted this was for us. It had only great reviews, plus it would tie in well with our new modern theme. But it was super techy and I was worried I'd have trouble figuring it all out.

Luckily, Eight Sleep offers a 100-day free trial so you can test it out before committing. So we decided to take the plunge and try it.

The Pod Pro arrived at our doorstep a few days later, and we downloaded the app and set everything up, which was also simpler than I thought it would be.

Then, it was time for our first night sleeping on the Pod Pro. I felt warm, so I cooled the temperature down a little, and before I knew it, it was morning, and I felt fully refreshed. Instead of setting an alarm like I usually would, the Pod Pro's temperature gradually woke me up by cooling my body down. It was a much nicer way to wake up than a jangly alarm!

When I looked at the app the next morning, I was shocked to see I had gotten a full 7 and a half hours. No wonder I felt so energetic!

My wife slept like a baby, too. He made the most of the coffee machine feature, so as soon as we wake up, our morning coffee is already being made.

It's been a month of sleeping on the Pod Pro now, and it has truly been life-changing. Tracking our sleep fitness with the app had allowed us to understand our sleeping patterns more.

If you've been having trouble sleeping lately, or are looking for a new mattress, I'd highly recommend checking out the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep.

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