Why Everyone Needs A Temperature-Controlled Mattress

I started having some sleep issues a few years ago. It took me so long to fall asleep - I was constantly tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. I'm always either too warm or too chilly. I never managed to get a full 8 hours, making waking up absolute torture.

When a friend recommended The Pod Pro, a smart mattress by Eight Sleep that tracks your sleep, I didn't really pay attention. I thought my sleep problems were beyond help. I tried those sleep tracking apps on my phone, but they're not accurate. How could a mattress be any different? And when I heard that The Pod Pro heats and cools different sides of the mattress, I figured this would surely run up my energy bills. But, I was desperate to get rid of my dark circles, so I did some research. Here's what I learned:

You monitor everything with your phone - control the temps on each side of the mattress, track your sleep habits, integrate it with your Alexa, and even your smart coffee maker!

It's quiet and doesn't run up energy bills - It's as quiet as a computer fan and doesn't massively increase your energy usage! It's cheaper than running your A/C or Heater all night.

It's super comfy - The Pod supports spinal alignment and relieves pressure points and the technology helps create the perfect temperature

No more loud alarm - The thermo alarm feature adjusts the surface temperature of the mattress to wake you gently and naturally, feeling refreshed.

It really works - The people at Eight Sleep discovered that, after 2 months people toss and turn 25% less, and after just 1 month see a 17% increase in periods of deep sleep , and fall asleep 15% faster.

After reading customer reviews, I was impressed. So I decided to invest in The Pod Pro and I've been sleeping on it for 2 months now. It definitely enhances my sleep and boosts my energy, which improves the quality of my daily life. It's so comfy, I no longer have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I never thought a mattress could be more than just foam and springs, but thanks to The Pod Pro, my dark circles are officially gone!

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