Fall In Love With Eight Sleep This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been a bit tricky for us. Traditional gifts and celebrations quickly vanish – chocolate boxes emptied, romantic dinners eaten, fancy champagne quaffed, and teddy bears re-gifted to a niece or nephew.

This year, Tony and I decided that we’re over the once-and-done gifts and want to invest in something lasting. Like our love for each other or our nightly struggle with the blankets.

TBH, Tony runs hot and I tend to freeze all night, especially when he flings off the duvet. About a month ago, I’d reached the end of my rope. I told Tony we had to figure out this sleeping thing. So, Tony jumped on his phone, looked up “temperature-controlled mattresses” and discovered Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro.

Now this is a Valentine’s Day present!

Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro is the most high-tech mattress I’d ever seen. A temperature control ranges between 55 and 110 degrees and - unlike other temperature-controlled mattresses - the temperature doesn’t spill over to the other half of the bed.

Eight Sleep’s Intelligent Smart Temp™ AI technology allows the mattress to automatically adjust dual-side temperatures and keep you asleep straight through the night.

At $2,695, we worried that it was out of our price range. But when I saw that they offer flexible financing options as low as 0% APR over 36 months and a 100-night trial (return in 100 days for a full refund), we had to go for it.

Eight Sleep
Dual-Zone Temperature Control
Get $150 Off The Pod Pro

When Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro arrived, we fell in love with its high quality, contemporary design, and pleasant feel. Setup was simple. We downloaded the app and got everything ready for our first night’s sleep.

The Pod Pro’s Dual-Zone Temperature Control is so smart it cools Tony down and warms me up before we even need it. Say goodnight, goodbye, and good riddance to sleepless nights!

We both find it far more comfortable than a traditional mattress; the Pod Pro has a 12” luxurious foam mattress with five layers of memory foam. The Airflow Top Layer provides support, airflow, and immediate response to our bodies’ impressions.

Pod Pro’s Advanced Sleep tracking lets you know when you reach REM, how long you sleep, and how much tossing or turning is going on. Their Daily Health Check and HRV Monitoring analyzes your resting heart rate, respiratory rate - basically everything you need to keep your physical health in check.

After only a month on the Eight Sleep mattress, the awesome app tells me that my phases of deep sleep have increased close to 20%. I sleep through the night and wake up rested and refreshed, which has noticeably increased focus and boosted my energy throughout the day.

The Pod Pro has a really cool feature – the built-in GentleRise™ Smart Alarm wakes you up naturally by generating soft vibrations at chest-level. No more blaring alarm clocks or cell phone alarms.

Plus, we’ve paired our coffee maker with Eight Sleep’s app, so we get a start on our morning ritual before tossing aside the covers and starting the day.

Looking for cozier nights and deeper dreams? Get an Eight Sleep Pod Pro. Cutting-edge technology and high quality make it a keeper. Just like my Tony.

Eight Sleep's Is Now Having Their Valentine's Day Sale: Get $150 Off The Pod Pro

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