Eat Your Skincare with Embody

Although I love an elaborate skincare regimen, it’s not the only way to get clearer, brighter skin. Yes, genetics play a factor in your skin — though somehow my brother has to have flawless skin while only using bar soap — but it’s also a combination of what you do, what you eat, and what skincare you use.

Luckily, the world of ingestible skincare is expanding. These days, probiotic chocolates and gummies abound to help supplement various steps in your skincare routine. These come in especially handy in the summer, when I’m more likely to take a more minimalist approach to my regimen.

Enter: Embody’s new Sun Gummy.

You may have heard of Embody, the ingestible wellness brand that coined the term “eat your skincare.” Championing the lazy girl skincare routine, they advocate for skincare that’s simple — but still works. So they launched an innovative and delicious line of skincare gummies.

After launching the first-ever retinol gummy and the hydrating SOS gummy, they’re back with their newest launch: the Sun Gummy.

Summer can make your skin glowy and tan — but it can also leave you with burns, irritation, and hyperpigmentation. The Sun Gummy is a solution for all your sun woes.

“I was inspired to create a skincare gummy that gave me peace of mind when it comes to preventing hyperpigmentation, a skin concern that has become more obvious as I reached my thirties,” says founder, Jenn Chung. “Recognizing the pervasive issue of sun damage and its different manifestations in diverse skin types, our comprehensive and delectable Sun Gummy helps to reverse signs of hyperpigmentation that often arises due to aging and sun exposure.”

Benefits of the Sun Gummy that Will Illuminate Your Skincare Routine:

  • Supports collagen production
  • Quenches your skin's thirst, promoting hydration and elasticity
  • Smooths out texture and fine lines
  • Encourages a healthy, age-defying radiance
  • Delivers a burst of antioxidants, preserving cell integrity
  • An essential player in your sun-kissed, healthy skin regimen

Shop the Sun Gummy and the other Embody gummies here

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