How eMeals Has Made Cooking At Home Super Easy

Way easier than a meal kit.

I've always loved to cook.

Ever since I was a teenager, planning recipes and whipping up a delicious home-cooked meal has always been something I've loved to do. Enter kids. I think any mom will tell you that all former pastimes and hobbies get so much harder when you have kids!

I have 3 under the age of ten, so as you can imagine, my days are jam-packed and always unpredictable. The thing that I used to really love has now turned into the most daunting part of my day. Trying to plan, grocery shop, and come up with fresh dinner ideas that 3 kids and my husband agree on is no easy task.

A couple of weeks ago, I was telling another mom at the school drop-off about my struggles (we had ordered take out for the 2nd time that week the night before, and it was only Wednesday), and she recommended eMeals.

"I can't do a meal kit with 3 kids, way too expensive." But she went on the explain that eMeals is not a meal kit. She explained that it's actually a meal planning service that takes the stress out of dinner time by giving you 7 delicious recipes every week, based on specific diet preferences.

That night after making a pasta bake for the 3rd time that month, I checked out the eMeals site after the kids were in bed.

I wasn't sure how recipes alone would help me, but then I saw that eMeals also sends you the grocery list for everything you'll need to cook all 7 meals and will also send the list to one of their grocery partners, like Walmart, Shipt, or Instacart.

Not having to think about recipes, then actually find the time to grocery shop sounded like a lifesaver, but how could I be sure that my kids would like the recipes?

I browsed through their site and found that they really have a plan for everyone - Low Calorie, Keto, Gluten-Free, and even Kid Friendly! Once I specified the size of my family, I was able to try a 14-day free trial, so I could see if my 3 would actually eat the recipes.

If you prefer to buy your groceries in person, you can also take the grocery list provided to your local store. I'm so strapped for time that I decided to get all of the ingredients delivered from Walmart.

My favorite part about using eMeals is that you can edit your grocery list, so you can easily remove pantry staples like olive oil or salt when using grocery pickup or delivery.

Our first week trying eMeals was such a godsend, I can't tell what a relief it was not to have to think about what to cook and to have all of the ingredients already in my fridge! The recipes were really delicious without being overcomplicated, and the whole family really enjoyed them.

eMeals also has a convenient app that makes editing your shopping list and ordering groceries every week even easier. They also have a bunch of cool free add-ons, like dessert inspiration, bonus collections, and occasion plans for special parties and holidays.

Our whole family absolutely loved it, so after our 14-day free trial, we signed up for 12 months, which costs just $5 a month, and gives you access to all 15 of their different plans. You can even pick and chose recipes from different plans every week if you feel like going veggie for one night.

eMeals is a real life (and time) saver for people that love and want to cook but don't have the time to plan and shop.

It's super flexible, too — one week, you can have your groceries delivered if you choose, and the next, you can go out and buy them with the list they provide you. I've even recommended it to my sister, who's hopeless in the kitchen, but wants to improve her home cooking.

eMeals allows you to enjoy all of the fun parts of cooking at home without any of the hassles, I can't remember what we did before it.

Update: Our friends at eMeals are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to sign up for a FREE 2 week trial!

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