How eMeals Made Cooking As A New Mom Super Easy

Before having my son, Ben, 6 months ago I always knew Mom's are our real-life superheroes. Even now I look at parents with 2, 3 and 4 kids and I think how are they doing it?! I only have one tiny one, and I'm barely keeping afloat here.

There is so much more to think of and keep track of now that I'm a mom. Ben always comes first so everything for my husband and I gets to put on the back burner, especially our meals!

Ever since Ben came I have no time to figure out meal ideas and recipes along with going to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. My list consists of diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, and fruit and veg pureēs. We resorted to a lot of takeout at the start, and then we tried a meal kit. Both were expensive and the meal kit only prepared us for a few dinners each week. I do like making my own meals, as I find cooking therapeutic and enjoy it once I put Ben down for the night.

In search of something that was going to suit our lifestyle, I found eMeals; a recipe subscription plan with the option of getting your groceries delivered, too. It looked exactly like what I was looking for, someone to plan my meals for the week along with giving me the recipes and my shopping list. It also gives me the option to get my groceries delivered right to my door from one of their partners like Walmart, AmazonFresh, and Instacart.

They have so many plans you can choose your meals from-30-minute meals, Budget-friendly, Slow Cooker to even Paleo, Low Carbs and even specialty plans for diabetics, vegans and gluten-free. They really have something for everyone. And best part, you can choose meals for different plans each week, depending on what you like from what's on offer.

Needless to say, all their recipes sounded amazing, so it would be easy to choose my recipes each week. I noticed it started at only $5 a month and they have a free 14-day free trial, so I had nothing to lose from trying it out.

I signed up and chose 7 dinner recipes, along with some breakfast and lunch ones, too. From that my grocery list was compiled, which I could then review to remove anything on it that I already had - like olive oil, sugar, and salt, or add any extra things on. I added a dozen extra eggs for some quick breakfasts along with some trash bags and diapers.

Then I choose Walmart to deliver all my groceries. I still couldn't believe how easy it was when my groceries turned up at my door. All my food ready to cook for the week, and I already knew what I was cooking with them and had all the easy to follow recipes on the eMeals app or online - whichever you prefer to use.

After a few weeks of using eMeals and loving all the recipes, it's now an important part of my well-organized routine. It has saved me so much time, time that I get to spend with Ben and my husband. And it has also saved us money, in comparison to meal kits, takeouts and even doing my own shopping, as we are only buying exactly what we need for each recipe. No waste!

eMeals is such a great idea, and I can't stop telling all my fellow mom friends how they need to try it.

Update: Our friends at eMeals are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to sign up for a FREE 2 week trial!

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