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Find Out About The Positive Effects EveAdam Is Having On Men's Health In Today's World

A lot of male illnesses are under-discussed in the public eye. This has only contributed to the stereotype of men not being open to talking about their health, almost to the point of them not even willing to discuss their health issues with their own doctors.

In a study conducted by Mieke Beth Thomeer, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he found that "men have connected to ideas of masculinity that say you don't talk to others about your problems, and if there is a problem you fix it yourself."

It's understandable when the symptoms you are having may be embarrassing to talk about.

One condition that men definitely don't want to talk about is erectile dysfunction, ED. Most men experience some sort of problem in this area at least once in their lives, but it only becomes a problem when its frequency is occurring over a significant period of time.

When you have ED, it's easy to think that you're the only person to ever have this problem, but it's actually extremely common —one in five men in the UK experience this problem, which is about 4.3 million men.

There can be many causes of ED - some are psychological, such as stress, anxiety or depression and some are physical, related to underlying diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, and high blood pressure along with many more.

Worryingly, 23% of men surveyed said that couldn't discuss their ED issues with their GP.

EveAdam is a new and innovative company that's here with the perfect solution to this problem. They're an online healthcare provider that offers online consultations with doctors and pharmacy prescribers and treatments on subscription.

They have an elite team of doctors and pharmacists that are ready to help you in your own time. They believe in empowering the patient by allowing them to take control of their care. Simply set up a profile, take a short questionnaire, and book a free online private consultation at a time that suits you and where you feel most comfortable.

At the end of your consultation, you will receive recommended treatment plans, and from there you can decide if you would like to subscribe to any of them.

Online Mens' Health Prescriptions
Shipped To Your Door
Chat With A Prescriber In Minutes!

EveAdam currently offers 7 different treatments for ED, from the well-known Viagra to many effective generics.

EveAdam has created a safe, easy, and comfortable way for men to discuss their health issues. They're revolutionizing this area of the healthcare industry in a way no other company is.

EveAdam is giving the power back to you when it comes to your healthcare, giving you the confidence and control to make effective decisions on your treatment plans, at a time and space that works for you.

Skip the queue and go to EveAdam today to start your FREE, confidential chat with a UK Prescriber!

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