Why Every Mom Needs To Try Nutrisystem

After a challenging year, I noticed that my family had picked up some really bad eating habits. Normally picky eaters, my kids were constantly demanding comfort foods that were super high in calories and sugar. So four nights a week, I prepped and cooked separate meals for my husband Russ and me. What a time-suck!

I never knew which recipes to choose and we never had the right stuff in the fridge. And at the end of a hard day, I had no bandwidth to cook healthy for us. So Russ and I were steadily putting on the pounds. We realized that we’d have to take action to drop any of this weight.

It was time for the grown-ups to identify an eating plan we could stick to. However, we couldn’t keep up with all those fad diet recipes, counting points, and didn’t want to give up our favorite foods. I respond best when I can follow a simple, straightforward system that supports healthy eating and doesn’t require a degree in nutrition.

A friend recommended Nutrisystem®. She said their meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss and made from quality ingredients. They deliver to your door and give you a simple meal plan to follow that provides balanced nutrition and freedom to indulge.

The convenience sounded great. So did the fact that Nutrisystem®’s proprietary weight loss formula is powered by science and is proven to work. Their system combines high-protein meal plans with lower-glycemic nutrition to help control hunger and keep blood sugar steady.

Their meal plans are higher in protein, lower in glycemics which can lead to more balanced nutrition. However, I was worried that it would be packed with bland foods like tofu and lettuce, just like so many other diets I’ve tried.

I was surprised to learn that Nutrisystem® offers 160+ options to choose from. I was excited that they accommodate many lifestyles with a variety of plans including a Diabetes Plan and a Vegetarian Plan. But what really caught my eye was their Partner Plan. It looked like I could double my motivation with a weight loss plan for Russ and me!

Nutrisystem® suggests that if we team up on slimming down together we can lose up to 20% more weight.* It’s totally cool if we choose the same meal or if each of us eats what we like. I talked with Rob and he immediately jumped onboard.

Their indulgent Restaurant Faves are perfectly portioned with half the calories. The heart-warming Broccoli Cheddar Soup and a Toasted Ravioli that rivals our local bistro. The Premium Meals’ portions are 50% bigger and contain up to 30g of protein!

Who can resist Sesame Beef and Broccoli with Brown Rice and the yummiest Chicken Pot Sticker Stir-Fry ever? And even chocolate cupcakes! With so much variety and so many options I already love, I couldn’t believe that it would actually help us lose weight.

Nutrisystem® really does provide perfectly portioned versions of popular foods. Take breakfast. I find that if I start my day with a standard Taco Bell breakfast sandwich—which weighs in at a hefty 710 calories!—I feel super sluggish for the rest of the morning.

So, now I substitute the Nutrisystem® Ham and Cheese Omelette. At only 90 calories a serving this is such an intelligent choice. And if Russ and I ever feel like a home-cooked meal, we can even customize and add in a nutritious Flex meal.

Nutrisystem® ships right to my door so we slide the pre-portioned meals into the microwave or toss them in the skillet. Russ and I are eating in minutes.

That’s fantastic, sure, but the most awesome thing is Russ and I get to eat six times a day!

Nutrisystem® is a comprehensive program that tackles all weight loss issues. You consistently know exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat—every two to three hours to reduce hunger and to keep your metabolism going.

Nutrisystem® understands that healthy eating means consistent habits. They offer a free NuMi® app that tracks your meals, hydration and physical activity. Any questions? Nutrisystem®’s got them covered with their weight loss blog, The Leaf®. I was blown away that The Leaf® posts healthy recipes that I can make for my kids! This is so thoughtful, not to mention the time saved planning meals for them.

What truly reinforces our ability to stay on course is the Nutrisystem® hotline. We actually talk to their Weight Loss Coaches about questions that come up about any aspect of our program. Sometimes we simply need a little support, so we give a call to one of the Nutrisystem® coaches. They’re standing by, ready to provide answers, advice, and encouragement. Their awesome 1:1 personalized approach is just like having your very own coach.

We could not believe that we shed about two pounds a week. So far, Russ has lost 14 pounds and I’m 16 pounds down!** Even the kids have noticed.

All you need to do is sign up, pick your plan, and start your healthy eating journey. Since we’ve significantly cut down on meal prep, we’re happier than ever before. With Nutrisystem®, I’m more energized throughout the day so I now share more quality time with my kids.

With stress-free meal delivery and lasting benefits that have improved our overall health, Nutrisystem® is so much more than weight loss. It’s made a world of difference for my family.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a new special offer to our readers. Save 50% OFF Nutrisystem Meals & Shakes!

*Scientific literature shows better results among small groups compared to those who tried losing weight alone. **Expect to lose an avg. 1-2lbs/week.

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