5 Reasons Every Woman Needs To Buy A CUUP Bra

Finding the right bra can be such a challenge. I have always struggled to find one that is both comfortable and supportive. Most of my friends find it easy, but since I'm on the bigger side, I either have to go to premium boutiques or I end up buying the most basic bra because it's the only thing available in my size.

I'd pretty much given up on finding a well-fitting bra that's both comfy and sexy until my friend told me I needed to check out CUUP; a collection of modern, minimal, unlined bras built for women of all sizes.

Their website is welcoming (models of all shapes and sizes), but I was incredibly hesitant about buying bras online-- how would I know what the fit was like? And would they pinch or poke?

Before shelling out the cash for another bra that might never get worn, I decided to dig a little deeper into CUUP. Here are five things I was surprised to learn:

CUUP bras are made from premium quality materials like sheer power mesh, which is both sexy and practical for everyday use. Each bra has the right amount of nylon, for ultimate comfort.

CUUP offers 5 different silhouettes, each a unique twist on a modern classic. Each bra caters to different needs; the Balconette is made for open-backed dresses or tops. The Plunge is like a bralette but a lot more comfortable and The Scoop is the perfect everyday bra.

CUUP is all about size inclusivity and feeling good. Each style comes in sizes A to H and (32 to 38) and they also have a Fit Quiz that can help you find the perfect size. You can even schedule a virtual fitting with one of their fit therapists.

CUUP plans for every season - throughout the year they have new color collections. For Autumn, you'll find Emerald and Dahlia compared to the yellow and sea blue in the summer. They also have different prints (which I love) to mix and match with their core.

Not only are their materials and quality incredible but their prices are more affordable than most brands, especially boutiques. CUUP bras are usually $68 and they have free and fast exchanges.

After buying my first bra and spending the day in it, I was obsessed. They look so sexy and I no longer count down the minutes until I get home to rip my bra off.

It's an incredible investment without that luxe price tag, so I've already added a few more styles and colors to my cart.

CUUP bras are comfortable, size-inclusive, supportive, and made from fabulous quality. This company has completely changed the way I feel about my girls and it's already changed how I dress!

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