Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Tofu?

Tofu or not tofu? That is the question on lots of health-minded folks' minds. If you are on the fence about whether or not to add tofu to your grocery list, it's time to get on the side of tofu! The soy-based food is a sensational staple for every diet, not just for those who avoid or limit their meat intake. Need some evidence that tofu's terrific? Read on for 7 reasons why tofu is for you!

See why that happens below!

It's Gluten-Free

Are you gluten-sensitive or suffer from celiac disease and must avoid foods which contain gluten? Or do you simply feel loaded down and bloated after a gluten-rich meal? Tofu is naturally gluten-free, made of simply soybeans, water, and a curdling agent. Look out for tofu that's prepared with any other seasonings or flavorings, as those may contain gluten, but plain tofu is a safe choice for a gluten-free diet. Use your own seasonings and sauces to turn your plain piece of tofu into a meal you'll love and feel secure knowing it won't cause you to buckle over in pain or make your symptoms act up.

It's Low-Calorie

If you're on a diet or looking for a light meal, tofu is a lean and low-cal option. It's got about 80 calories for a filling half-cup serving, which is a lot less than meat options of a similar quantity. The plain flavor can be enhanced as part of any favorite recipe without adding a load of extra cals. Swap in tofu for higher-calorie options and you'll feel lighter on your feet and healthier in no time. Tofu can mean less you!

It's High In Protein

Supply your muscles with 10g of protein per serving when you bite into your tasty tofu! Like meat, tofu is a great protein source that's low-fat and vegetarian-friendly. Protein is so important for any diet and fills you up without weighing you down. No matter when you consume your tofu, you'll get that protein kick to keep you going strong all day long. To-fuel yourself with every morsel!

It Decreases Risk of Cancer

Many studies have proven that tofu (which is a whole-soy food) can help prevent the incidence of cancer in consumers, slowing tumor formation and blocking cancer-causing elements from wreaking havoc on the body. Of course, always consult with your doctor, but knowing that the food you're eating not only taste good but do your body good too is a mouth-watering combination. Can cancer with nutrition!

It's Versatile

Tofu can be used in nearly any dish, morning, noon, and night. Swirl up some tofu into a smoothie, stuff into a sandwich, cube over a salad or pasta, or fold into a silky dessert. The possibilities are really endless and the cooking techniques you can try are all available. You can keep your tofu in the fridge or freeze for later use. Eat it cold or warm. Tofu is the chameleon of dining!

It's Delicious

Tofu is great as it is, or flavored and cooked to your heart's desire. Fry it for that charred essence or bake and it tastes like a bread-based food. Use seasonings and sauces as much or as little as you like, as tofu will take on the flavors of the dish it's cooked with. Make it sweet or savory, smooth or firm, and hot or cold. You'll never bore of tofu since you can use it in so many ways. Can't say that for chicken!

It's Relatively Inexpensive

You can get a large package with 4+ servings of healthy tofu for around $3.00. For something so useful, good for you, and versatile, the cost is less than most of the protein sources you can find anywhere. Tofu will last a while in the fridge unopened, and you can spend what you've saved on your side dishes and other tofu accompaniments to make your tofu as fancy as you want it to be. Cha ching!

Are you ready to get your tofu on? You won't miss the meat and you're in for a soy-based treat!

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