The Best New Fall Makeup Trends

Sweater weather is officially here. If you've been sporting natural looking makeup all summer, get ready for some colorful ways to upgrade your look this fall. Fall beauty is usually about welcoming deeper hues into your makeup routine. Think burgundy lips and dark kohl cat eyes. But this season, makeup trends are also keeping bright summer colors around.

You'll find electric blue, yellow, pink and violet eyeliner on and off the runways this fall. Gorgeous glitter is also taking center stage. But don't worry, the no-makeup-makeup look is also here to stay. Barefaced models were seen walking down the fall 2018 runway shows for Gucci, Michael Kors, and JW Anderson.

Even the boldest makeup trends this fall are showcased on natural looking skin without any other distractions. Bold eyeliner? Nude lip. Strong lip? Forgo the mascara. This fall it's all about highlighting one feature and keeping the rest of your makeup simple. From color blocked eyeliner to wine stain lips to shimmering eyelids, read on for the minimal but bold makeup trends to try this season.

Colored Eyeliner

All eyes on you http://geleta-kosmetine.blogspot.com

Colored eyeliner is arguably the most popular makeup trend of 2018 so far. And it isn't going anywhere this fall. Line the entire outline of your eyes with a bold color like the models in the Dior show rocked or experiment with color blocking like Tibi did.

To try color blocking the easy way, all you need to do is pick out two bold eyeliner colors. Line one on the top of your lids and the other underneath. You can even play around with varying line lengths. The most popular colored eyeliners this fall? Baby blue and violet are having a moment in NYC street style.

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Wine Lip

A taste of wine https://makeupview.co

If you're a fan of a bold lip, you'll love this fall makeup trend. Upgrade your trusty red lip with a wine-stained lip instead. Colors like plum, deep violet, and yes, red wine popped on fall 2018 runways with a twist. Instead of applying a thick coat of lipstick these colors were showcased with a glossy stain to mimic a "wine-stained lip."

To try this look, start with tinted moisturizer or natural looking foundation. Apply a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and skip the eye makeup altogether. Not even mascara! Next blot on a wine colored lip stain, focusing on the center of your lips and blend out.

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No Makeup Makeup


If you're a fan of minimal makeup routines you'll be happy to know that the no-makeup look you've been rocking all summer is actually trending this fall. While these models faces look totally bare there are actually a few products involved in this fresh faced look.

Start with a light concealer and apply only to your under eyes, nose, chin, and forehead to color correct any dark circles or redness. Next use a dual lip and cheek stain in a light color to subtly enhance your cheeks and lips. Dab lightly and blend.

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Subtle Glitter

Shine like a starhttps://www.aljamila.com

Take your no-makeup makeup up a notch with a touch of glitter on your eyelids. It's the perfect way to go from day to night. Normally glitter sounds kitschy, but the light dusting of copper, silver, and gold with bare faced makeup looks angelic. This is one of my favorite makeup trends of fall 2018.

You don't have to be a makeup pro to nail this look either. After using a light concealer and lip/cheek stain, gently dust on a glittery eye shadow. Focus on putting the product on your inner lids and blending out and upwards. Or play around with another fall 2018 makeup trend - putting eye shadows and liners on only the inner, middle, or outer eyelid.

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Nude Lips

Lovely lipshttp://geleta-kosmetine.blogspot.com

It may have first been Kim Kardashian West who made the nude lip look go viral, but this makeup trend is all over the fall 2018 runways and streets. Matte shades of mauve, tan, and caramel are some of the most popular lip colors. Nude lips can be the focal point of your makeup look or the perfect complement to bold eye makeup.

Phillip Lim used a pink-tan lip to offset kohl rimmed eyes and Naeem Khan used a darker version to go with bold shimmering green eyeshadow. The key to getting the perfect nude lip? Don't forget the lip liner.

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Fall trends are fabulous. Play around and get pretty!

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