How CBD Made My WFH Experience So Much Better

Don't get me wrong — I like working alone. So when my studio shut down the series I was working on, I didn't mind working from home for a little while. Luckily, I have a side gig as a graphic designer for a handful of websites, so all I had to do was seriously up my output.

Still, by my third week indoors I was starting to crawl the walls. I was finding it super hard to get in the zone and crank out designs — anxiety was ruining my days and sleep issues were disrupting my nights.

Then, I'd wake up in the morning and feel stressed before even leaving the bed. I had to do something — and fast. I asked my recently unemployed costume designer friend how she was coping — she praised CBD for keeping her calm.

Last year I sprained my ankle while running in the park and I'd tried it, but it didn't relieve the pain. I felt duped and ripped off.

Since then, I'd seen everything from CBD-infused toothpicks to potato chips to hand-sanitizers to CBD TP! All claiming that they'll magically cure the ills of the world. Surrre.

My out-of-work friend highly recommended Feals. She'd liked how they had so many positive comments from real people. I checked them out and their site is super transparent and packed with helpful information.

This was more premium than the CBD I'd tried before (which ok, I got from the deli), so I was worried it would make me high. But CBD —which stands for Cannabidiol— is only one element derived from the cannabis plant. THC is the psychoactive element. Though it won't get you high, CBD has been shown to alleviate inflammation, boost mood, promote rest, and support overall wellness.

Feals' tinctures are made up of high-grade, full-spectrum oils extracted from hemp. Then, they're blended with MCT oil, a fat-burning, metabolism-reviving superfood that maximizes bioavailability — or the body's use of CBD. That sounded good.

Rigorous in-house and third-party testing ensure their cannabinoids are pure, potent, and free of chlorophyll and other toxins.

Feals' tinctures come in different strengths so I had no idea which would work best for me, but Feals had me covered. A Feals Flight —like wine in restaurants— comes in 3 different dosages (40mg, 80mg, and 160mg).

And I could sample this for only 20 bucks! So I clicked add to cart. Nothing to lose here. Plus, having it delivered right to my doorstep is a dream.

The afternoon it arrived —on my doorstep, thank you!— I poured the entire vial of the 40mg dose under my tongue and waited 20-30 seconds. And within 20 minutes, I started to feel a sense of calmness wash over me. I felt like I could breathe easy again and was back to hitting my freelance deadlines.

Since then I've tried all 3 strengths and found that the 1200mg dose really hits my sweet spot — especially when I have trouble dropping off to sleep. Turns out, Feals will save you 30% on full-sized bottles if you become a member, and get a subscription. I can pause or cancel anytime when I won't need it as much.

Plus, when the film and television industry's running again and I might be working somewhere else, I can have my Feals shipped there free.

I'm still stuck indoors — we all are. But thanks to Feals I'm growing my graphic design business, not my fears. Considering the circumstances, my life Feals just right.

Update: The folks at FEALS are extending a special offer to our readers! Sign up for a membership and get 30% off your order, every time!

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