How We're Weathering The Storm With Feals

Lately, life has been feeling like one big storm. Between major global events, local mishaps, and personal drama there's no peace - we're all just looking for a life vest wherever we can.

Our editors have been searching for ways to feel grounded in chaotic times. In their quest, they discovered Feals, a true game-changer for how we can relax.

Fealstinctures of CBD extract with varying concentrations to help calm your mind, ease pains, and sleep sounder.

The Feals Flight starts you off with 40 MG, 80 MG, and 160 MG samples for just $20. Once you figure out your needs, you can upgrade to full-sized bottles for a steady supply. Feals know that CBD is not one concentration fits all, so you can find out what works best for you.

Not sure about trying CBD? Well, we weren't either. Thankfully, Feals' site takes you through everything you need to know. Their product is natural and produced in the USA from premium, full-spectrum hemp for maximum effect and USDA-certified organic MCT oil.

The dedicated "What is CBD?" section is so helpful for understanding what you're using and how it works in your body. Plus, each bottle and Flight has a QR code that I can scan with the camera on my phone and look up my batch of U.S.-grown hemp on their website.

You can't control everything going on around you but you can take the time to step back and relax. Our minds are constantly racing these days even at times of rest, making Feals the perfect addition to your relaxation routine.

However, we know how easily the day can get away from us, making quiet time a rarity. Reducing anxiety on the go is a whole other obstacle. Whether you're working or juggling your kids' schedules you deserve a bit of relief and that's what Feals brings to the table - it fits into any day.

Peace of mind isn't a quick fix and Feals is ready to be there with you for the long haul. To make things easier you can subscribe and receive your bottle of Feals each month and save 30% on your order.

Change the strength of future orders to help discover what's the best fit and don't worry, this subscription won't box you in. Full-sized bottles start at $74.95 and not only do you get a discount by subscribing but you can also pause or cancel your membership anytime, to work with your schedule.

We know what it's like to feel all over the place mentally and emotionally, but there are ways to find the calm in the storm. Feals is a must-have for us and anyone looking to relieve stress, pain, and sleeplessness.

Take control where you can and check out Feals. Relaxation is just a few drops away even when it feels like it's pouring.

Update: The folks at FEALS are extending a special offer to our readers! Sign up for a membership and get 30% off your order, every time!

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