Are the Least Paid Doctors the Best Doctors?

TrueNews | Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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TrueduJour: Girls Rule in the Medical Exam Room

According to the research team at the Harvard School of Public Health, patients in the hands of female doctors may be better off, since female doctors tend to stick to the evidence when diagnosing and treating disease. The report, published in the Journal of American Medical Association's JAMA Internal Medicine, stated that "patients cared for by female physicians had lower 30-day mortality than did patients treated by male physicians." So then why are female doctors suffering from lower salaries? Read more on the story, here.

TrueClimate: The Weather Outside is Not Just Frightful, it's Dangerous

In the cold weather, usually our toes and our finger tips are the first to feel the harsh bite of winter. That's because our blood vessels constrict in order to redirect blood to our most important organs, like the heart, lungs and brain. And even if you think your bright red nose looks "cute," that could be a sign of "frost nip" which could then lead to frostbite. How to stay warm? Don't wear tight clothes, but loose layers instead. Exercise to keep up your circulation. And stay away from alcohol (if you can), because that impairs your ability to recognize frostbite! Here are some more tips!

TrueBirth: Pot + Pregnancy is on the Rise

According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, more pregnant women are using marijuana then they had over decade ago. Though it remains at a low 3.85 percent, low birth weight and impaired neurodevelopment are possible adverse effects. For more on the study, click here.

TrueSelf: OJ or No J?

A little tip from us here at TrueSelf: "It seems like orange juice and breakfast go hand in hand. Nearly every TV commercial trying to sell us a box of cereal or frozen waffles features a tall, chilled glass of OJ as a prop to perpetuate the "part of a nutritious breakfast" shtick. Diners practically assume you'll be chugging a glass of the stuff along with your farmer's omelet and turkey bacon, and moms (and pops) since the dawn of time have been pouring their kids an ice cold OJ as soon as they were weaned off the bottle." For more, check this out!

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