Finally, a Durable Wine Glass

I love to entertain, and my favorite centerpiece is a good bottle of wine. But since I have a tendency to destroy every wine glass I've ever owned, I usually keep a stash of cheap ones just in case that I get from the kitchen supply store. But my friends can always tell when I use the cheap glasses. One of them told me that buying cheap will just make me end up spending more than I would investing in a high-quality set. She told me she uses Schott Zwiesel® Air glasses, an elegant yet durable set, which she ordered right from Sur La Table.

When she mentioned they were dishwasher safe, I was totally sold. I moved my cheap glasses down to the basement and ordered my next set of wine glasses from Sur La Table's selection of Schott Zwiesel.® I found out they were break and chip resistant because they're made from a special formula of Tritan® crystal glass with titanium and zirconium, which adds a double layer of protection. But they're still the lightest machine made glass on the market. They looked so delicate on the website that I couldn't imagine they could actually stand up to me. I was eager to try them out right away.

When the glasses arrived, I invited my friends over for a party. I handled the glasses with a lot more care than usual because they were so beautiful and elegant, like true works of art. They're designed by the top-of-the-line designers, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Oscar Kylberg and Schott Zwiesel. Just setting them out on the table already made a lovely visual statement. And that was before I even poured the wine.

My friends came over and we had a great time -- they noticed the difference. I even thought the wine tasted better. These glasses are specially designed to get the best flavor out of your favorite wines, and improve the wine as you drink. I'm proud to be serving my guests in these one-of-a-kind glasses, and they were all impressed.

For the modest price, Schott Zwiesel® Air glasses give you superior quality and end up saving you money on having to replace glasses. They give you the assurance that you're not going to destroy them, but they still allow for an elegant wine-drinking experience. They'll make you want to invite people over every weekend.

Update: The Schott Zwiesel® Air Collection is now available at Sur La Table! Follow this link to get the thinnest, lightest stems and bowls made from lead-free Tritan® crystal glass.

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