Finally–An Organic and Healthy Protein Powder that Tastes Great

My friends and I are constantly on the move between work, the gym, and our social lives, so we have to find healthy ways to keep up our energy without sacrificing time and money. We're no health junkies, but we like to stay fit and eat well. I used to be a fan of protein powders until I discovered that a lot of the brands I had tried had misleading labels. What they claimed to be "natural" flavors were anything but. After a closer look at the ingredient list, I saw that they contained fillers, chemicals, sweeteners and artificial everything. Definitely not the healthy choice I thought I was drinking. They also had that famous chalky, bland flavor, which isn't exactly craveable. So I started the search for a new, honest way to get my daily protein.

I read rave reviews about a product company called ALOHA specializing in innovative health products and saw that they had a plant-based protein powder. I browsed their website and was surprised to see their protein powder was soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic and made with ingredients like wild-harvested vanilla and fair-trade organic cacao. I didn't see any all-natural labels, which are usually a red flag. I found encouraging user reviews like this one: "this is a great tasting protein powder and I'm hooked! I switched from another major brand because this powder is so good for you and packed with so much nutrition. I feel great when I take it and love the fact that it is entirely vegan!" From their website, I found out the company's founder, Constantin Bisanz, saw that there was so much confusion over health food labels and wanted to create a wellness-driven food company that would only offer the purest products. I was curious to see for myself if ALOHA could be this healthy and taste good.

I placed an order and a few days later the powder came in convenient single-serve packets, which I mixed straight with water. And it tasted delicious. It was totally free of synthetic additives, and tasted pure and clean. The protein is much lighter, mixes evenly and is not chalky–there is a bit of grainy texture, which tastes natural. My friends and I love sharing new tips and products we've discovered, so I told a few of them about ALOHA, and mixed them up some sample shakes. They also loved the taste and were amazed at how satisfying a plant-based protein composed of pea, hemp and pumpkin proteins could be. We're all excited to have ALOHA as a healthier way to add more protein to our diets.

It's safe to say that I won't be going back to guessing what kinds of things are in my protein. Even though most health products say they're healthy and all-natural, it doesn't necessarily mean they're free of unwanted additives. With ALOHA, I got exactly what was advertised and I'm glad to be saying Aloha to the next big trend in health food.

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