Finding balance: 9 tips for making life manageable

Everyone talks about how busy life is and how finding time for themselves, for loved ones or for goals is impossible. And finding genuine happiness amidst the chaos may seem like an endless pursuit. A few adjustments can make all the difference in living a more fulfilling and grounded life.

Assess where you are in life

You can't move in any direction unless you know exactly where you are. Are you happy or content with your life? Are you fiscally stable? Is your career the one you want? Have you achieved the highest form of education you desire? What's missing in your life? How are your relationships? What's not missing in your life? Are you happy with the type of person you are? Conducting an honest self-examination can reveal what you and your life is lacking. From this you can create goals or change the trajectory of your life.

Set goals

Once you've figured out where you are and where you want to go, set both short-term and long-term goals in every aspect of life. Finances, relationships, spiritual and mental growth, career, health and "bucket list" goals can help guide the way you make choices. If your aim is to achieve a goal, you are more mindful of how everyday decisions can impact your life.


What's really important for you? It differs from person to person, so determine what goals, principles and values are truly important to you. Redirect energy and resources from the things that don't really matter to you to the things that do. You'll find balance knowing you gave your best to the more important things in life.

Cut out the unnecessary

Once you've prioritized what's important, cut out everything you truly have no use for. That includes but is not limited to furniture, clothes, gadgets, hobbies and yes, even people. If Marie Knodo's uncluttering method works for you, then do that. If spring-cleaning works best for you do that. Just get rid of the excess that is holding you down.

Check your perspective

Are you striving to do it all or are just trying to be balanced? Are you focusing on the negative or the positive? Are you being realistic? Adjusting your perspective can change how you view your life and your prospects.

Take care of your health

You don't have to be a health-nut to take care of your health. Striving to drink enough water, get enough rest, eat the necessary nutrients and getting physical exercise can make a big difference. Creating equilibrium in your body often helps balance your mental and emotional health.

Time for you

Take a break, get a pedicure, go out or take a trip. Whatever your happy place is, find and spend time there. Making an effort to be nice to yourself helps decompress from stress.

Make time for people you care about

Between work and personal lives, maintain relationships can fall through the cracks. Send flowers to a loved one, call your mom, or make plans to spend time with friends. When you're physically with people, disconnect from your devices and give your undivided attention.

Remember to enjoy life

Smile and laugh a lot. Happiness is the best facelift and laughter is the medicine is for the soul. It's cliché, but it's true. Enjoy life, even if it's a little bit.

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