Fine Lines! S.O.S. – 11 Tips to Smoother and Younger Looking Skin

In this youth-obsessed society, smooth and taut skin is always in. Sure, age gives us wisdom, experience, and maturity, but along with those perks comes the pits… fine lines that seem to pop up (or sink in) every time we look in the mirror. While a handful of folks embrace their ever-wrinkling skin, and men seem to get the 'thumbs up' for their weathered and rugged looks as they get on in years (George Clooney, anyone?), tons of women, and looks-aware fellas want those fine lines to make a bee-line from their faces. For those out there looking for a fine line fix, these 11 tips will have you looking silky smooth in a snap.

1. Silk Pillowcase

Enjoy the Smooth!


Did you know that your pillowcase could be the culprit in those annoying lines and wrinkles on your face, especially if you sleep face-down or on your side? Most cotton pillowcases are plenty comfy, but pressing your face in one position on the pillow all night long causes lines to form. While they may be more expensive, silk pillowcases are a dream for preventing lines. The material won't tug at the skin and allows the face to feel less pressure against the pillow, thus causing fewer lines to creep up night after night. Another perk? Your bed will look and feel much more inviting and sexier too!

2. Night Cream

Daytime face creams and night creams may seem similar, but formulas created for overnight wear are much thicker, denser, and infuse the skin with more hydration and line-eliminating properties. Most night creams are simply too gooey and gloppy to wear during the day, but at nighttime, who cares! Plus, the skin utilizes the elements of the cream better at nighttime while the cells rejuvenate and the body is at rest. Come morning, those fine lines will be plumped up and filled with smoothness and suppleness. Apply the night cream wherever you need it every night and you'll see a drastic difference after repeated use. Sweet dreams indeed!

3. SPF


No matter the season, a high-SPF lotion is imperative for keeping fine lines at bay. Even during cool or overcast days, use an SPF formula made for facial wear or pick out a makeup with SPF in the formula. Sun damage over time causes fine lines that lead to wrinkles. You may not see them through a sun-kissed tan, but once that wears off, you'll be left with a weathered face. Go for self-tanners or embrace the pale. Fine lines are a beach bummer all year round.

4. Botox

If you are prepared for more drastic measures, head to your dermatologist and ask about Botox. The injections paralyze the muscles, deterring the face from making movements that over time lead to fine lines and eventually deeper wrinkles. Sure, this is a more invasive and expensive solution, but the results are long-lasting and are getting more popular every year. Just don't go overboard to the point you need to explain your emotions to those around you!

5. Fillers

Facial fillers are another doctor-administered option for those looking to smooth out or plump up fine lines around the eyes, lips, or forehead. Some docs use the patient's own fat or other man-made injectables to poof up indented skin to reveal a more toned and even complexion. Be sure to do your homework to find a reputable dermatologist and try a small area before going for the full face. A balloon face is never chic.

6. Glasses

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If your vision is on the decline, face the facts and go to the doc for a prescription for glasses. Squinting will lead to fine lines around the eyes causing unsightly crow's feet. Contacts are another solution, but be sure you can pop them in easily or else all that tugging on your eyelids could lead to fine lines too. Wear sunglasses on bright days to avoid squinting as well. You'll see how much better you'll look when you can actually see!

7. Moisturizing Foundations

If you wear makeup daily, choose a facial foundation with built-in moisturizers. Not only will the formula glide better onto the skin, but the softening properties will work into your skin all day helping to hydrate those fine lines. Plus, a moisturizing foundation won't settle into existing fine lines making them more noticeable. Fake it 'till ya make it!

8. Facials


If you have the money and time to treat yourself, get a facial about once a month. The spa will own lotions and potions that you wouldn't normally have at home, steam your face, use hydrating masks, and more to bring out the youthful layers of skin hiding under those covered in fine lines. Your skin will get cleaned and polished while becoming more supple and moist. Plus, the destressing factor is always a great way to stay youthful and carefree. Book me an appointment!

9 Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a healthy veggie to consume, but they are also great for fine lines around the eyes. When you have a few extra minutes in the morning, place two slices of cucumber that have been in the fridge over each eyelid. Leave on for about 10 minutes and allow the cooling properties, vitamins, and hydration seep into the area surrounding the eyes. Lines will look less noticeable and puffiness will diminish. Use the rest of the cucumber for a salad later that day!

10. Water

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Proper hydration is an easy and tried-and-true way to keep skin plump and line-free. Aim for at least eight glasses of water per day to keep your system flushed and skin well-hydrated. The skin is the body's largest organ, let's not forget, so it needs to be taken care of to look and function at its peak. Work those lines away from the inside out. Bottoms up!

11. No Alcohol

No more!

A glass of wine or a cocktail now and then won't do any major damage, but daily drinking or too much of it can cause skin to sag, dehydrate, and look weathered. If you do imbibe, be sure to match each alcoholic beverage with a large glass of water. If you're drunk, you may not notice those fine lines, but the sober folks sure will!

Are you ready to get rid of those lack-luster lines and reveal the youthful you? Get in line, so does everyone else!

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