The Plant-Powered Skincare Line That’s Quickly Become My Favorite

My skin has been on a journey. Anything to get clearer, healthier-looking skin. I've tried them all - from big brands that celebs swear by to drug store classics and I've even dabbled in homemade recipes (it wasn't pretty).

Nothing worked the way I had hoped and it felt like I was playing tug-o-war with my complexion.

I wasn't naive enough to be looking for a single miracle product either. My goal was a full skincare routine to cleanse, hydrate, and brighten my skin. And after a lot of trial and error, I found the perfect line for me: FIOR.

FIOR is a game-changer for all skin types, ages, and genders. They're taking skincare to the next level with revolutionary plant-based formulas. The line has no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, coal tar, or synthetic dyes. Its power and benefits are derived from "CBX".

CBX is a selection of hemp derivatives that combine CBD's effective properties with bio-agreeable ingredients. To confirm for our readers, the products contain 0% THC. I was hesitant to try this new CBX brand, but my skin adapted quickly. I started seeing and feeling improvements within the first day. FIOR really hit the sweet spot for all my needs.

Here's specifically what I was using:

1. Clarifying Cleanser

What It Is: A combination of organic hemp seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and oleic acid to remove impurities and restore moisture. This cleanser is rich in antioxidants and contains less than 1% synthetic fragrance.

Price: $39

My Thoughts: To be honest, I used to love my current cleanser but recently it hasn't been performing. After some recent breakouts, I've been testing a few over the last couple of months and FIOR's Clarifying Cleanser was the product I had been looking for.

This cleanser takes a full face of makeup off in one rinse! There's no need for double cleansing or rough scrubbing. My pores have never been this clear using a cleanser with only clean ingredients.

Plus, when I'm finished applying, I'm left not just with clean skin but an amazingly soft, supple texture too. I love starting my routine with the Clarifying Cleanser.

2. Perfecting Moisturizer

What It Is: A weightless moisturizing formula powered by full spectrum CBD and CBDA, oleanolic acid, lecithin, and oat kernel extract. Designed to hydrate the skin, balance sebum levels, and create a matte-like finish.

Price: $89

My Thoughts: Obviously, everyone needs a moisturizer but this moisturizer didn't just hydrate my skin, it left it feeling soft without any greasy glare. I also loved that it didn't have a strong scent - nothing worse than having an overpowering fragrance from your moisturizer.

The product absorbs quickly leaving the faintest cooling effect thanks to a hint of wintergreen leaf extract. It works well under my makeup and I've gained a ton of confidence with my new balanced skin. I'm now leaving the house sometimes make-up free with only FIORPerfecting Moisturizer on my skin!

3. Awaken Eye Cream

What It Is: Under-eye cream to depuff and reduce the appearance of shadows. Packed with powerful ingredients like full spectrum CBD and CBDA, caffeine, shea butter, and rose flower water.

Price: $89

My Thoughts: WOW. Just wow...I wasn't really looking for this type of product but now it's a must-have in my routine. I've always had dark circles under my eyes and when I'm not fully rested they do get worse. I thought my only option was using tons of concealer until I started using FIOR Awaken Eye Cream.

FIOR's eye cream is lightweight, like all their products, and feels like a fresh cup of coffee made for under-eye circles! From the formula's sleek cool-tip applicator to the warm golden packaging, it's gorgeous. I can throw it in my purse for on-the-go application too.

With formulas that work and the unique power of CBX, FIOR covers all my needs. I never before had skincare that harnessed the power of CBD and upheld clean beauty standards. It's also nice knowing all FIOR products are 100% vegan.

Trust me, your best skincare routine is waiting for you with FIOR.

FIOR is currently offering 15% off their product bundle!

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