Our Editors’ First Impressions Of Super Sammies - The Brand New Crustless Sandwiches For Kids

Today our editors are reviewing Super Sammies, a crust-free sandwich brand for kids. Keep reading to learn about the product, our first impressions, and the final verdict from parents and kids…

The Product

Super Sammies are a brand new take on the timeless PB&J sandwich, minus the peanut butter and with much healthier ingredients. Crafted with creamy sunflower seed butter and authentic fruit spread between two soft slices of whole wheat bread, Super Sammies redefine the classic lunchtime favorite .

Featuring clean ingredients and 100% whole wheat bread, these crustless creations are a convenient and wholesome lunch or snack option for your kids — anytime, anywhere. Super Sammies are 100% nut free so they’re school safe.

Priced competitively and available in flavors like Strawberry Smash, Choco-berry Bliss, and Blueberry Blast, Super Sammies offer a healthier alternative to conventional options.

Our First Impressions

We used to purchase the leading crustless sandwich brand but we always felt guilty about how much added sugar was in there and the super dirty ingredients in there — definitely not what we want to be feeding our children.

So, we were skeptical about Super Sammies initially. But it turns out that Super Sammies are much healthier than other popular crust-free options — yay!

With 58% less sugar than leading brands in the space and a commitment to using all-natural ingredients, Super Sammies ensure both taste and nutrition are never compromised.

Fueled with 8g of protein and free from peanuts and tree nuts, these sandwiches are a safe and nourishing snack that your kids can enjoy anywhere, from school lunches to afternoon picnics.

Our Verdict

Super Sammies seemed like a perfect on-the-go snack or school lunch, catering to busy parents, just like us, who are seeking wholesome options for their children. So we ordered some for our kids.

Now we can safely say that Super Sammies have become a staple in our household. With their delicious flavors and wholesome ingredients, they're a game-changer for providing nutritious snacks for your kids. Because what parent has the time to prep every single meal or snack?

We love that they contain significantly less sugar than other options, making them a guilt-free choice. Plus, the convenience of having a peanut-free option is a huge win for us — peanut allergies are no joke. We finally have an easy PB&J option that we can confidently throw into our kids’ lunchboxes for school. Super Sammies truly live up to their name.

Not to mention the flavor. With soft, flavorful bread and a delectable filling, these sandwiches are not only nutritious but also incredibly tasty. Our kids enjoy Super Sammies way more than other uncrusted sandwiches, even our homemade versions.

Our Kids’ Verdict

"Super Sammies are awesome! I love the Strawberry Smash flavor. Mom says they're healthier than other sandwiches, so I can have them for snacks or lunch at school. They're easy to eat and taste great!"

- Jack (Age 9)

“Super Sammies are my new favorite snack! They're so yummy, especially the Choco-berry Bliss flavor. Thanks, Super Sammies, for making snack time awesome!"

- Lily (age 7)

“I love Super Sammies!!! They're good for me and make my tummy happy. Mommy says they're the best snack for me, and I think she's right.”

- Hannah (Age 5)

Is It Worth It?

As parents, all we want to do is provide our kids with healthy food that they love. But between homework, baseball practice, and piano lessons, it’s impossible to prepare every meal or snack. That’s where Super Sammies save the day.

Whether enjoyed at home or on-the-go, Super Sammies provide wholesome and tasty goodness, making them a worthy addition to any pantry. Trust us, your kids will love them.