The fitness solution that beats the gym

Body image. These two words hold much more weight than that number we see on the scale everyday. Being uncomfortable with our bodies usually has something to do with our weight, which is a physical condition that causes us to lose confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude. But when it comes to methods of weight loss, many of us flounder between diets, the gym, and new trends that may or may not be effective in the long term. Whether we don't exercise enough or indulge too much, healthy living and achieving a better body image is all about finding balance.

To get started, some might consider scouring the Internet. On YouTube, there are thousands of fitness videos that are free and guided to be like a class that you can take in the privacy of your own home. You don't have to wake up at 6am to find an available treadmill, but instead you can roll out of bed on a Sunday at 11am and try Zumba on for size. That's all fine and well, but free, online workouts have their limitations. The lack of cost lowers the likelihood of commitment. That means, if you felt like skipping a day, it wouldn't have any financial burden. That translates to no accountability. If you're stretching alone in your room, no one's going to know if you're cheating or not! At the end of the day, picking free videos to randomly watch from time to time is not a structured or reliable solution to weight loss and body confidence.

For those more adventurous types, there's the gym. But to a lot of us, the word "gym" makes us moan. The gym is a hotbed of activity, with an active community, lots of fun and interesting equipment, and the availability of classes, personal training sessions, and maybe even a spa! But unless you're willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars a month for a top-notch big box gym, it might not be an option. And according to fitness expert Bedros Keuilian, 89% of these gym-goers end up quitting after the first 90 days, then only 3% of those remaining actually see results. So the odds aren't very good that the gym will be a good option if you're looking for a sustainable change.

If you need more of an individualized action plan (and money isn't a deterrent), personal training might be a better way to go. A personal training session can be catered to your individual goals, whether they be as broad as "losing weight" or as specific as trying to impress your old high school crush at your next reunion. Even though personal training is a way to hold yourself accountable, it takes away the community aspect of working out. When trying to lose weight together with a group of people, it can suddenly seem a lot less scary. Plus, the energy of a group can really help strengthen your desire to get to your goal.

The option that provides the best of all weight-loss methods combines not only a challenging course of physical exercise, but a structured diet that focuses on balance. There are very few systems that combine these elements in a way that is also fun and effective, but we were really excited to learn more about Bedros Keuilian's fitness franchise, which started as an inspiration from his own struggle with weight loss. Because so many people share this common goal, his franchise turned into one of the fastest-growing in the nation. Get ready for boot camp: Fit Body Boot Camp, that is.

Fit Body Boot Camp is a highly-structured way to burn fat and tone muscles. The program combines individualized goals with group personal training to give a challenging 30-minute workout that maximizes impact. Their Afterburn workouts are designed with a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to boost the burn under the care and expertise of an experienced and certified personal trainer. Fit Body Boot Camp offers a fun and dynamic environment where workouts are designed to get you a lot more than your bang for your buck. Group sessions keep the costs down, so you can really get the best of both worlds between all of the resources that a gym can offer and all the individuality that a personal trainer can offer.

The secret is in Keuilian's "4 Station Rotation," which includes different stations designed to work out different parts of the body. One station could include 5 sets of kettlebells, while another includes 5 sets of suspension straps. This way, working out doesn't get boring or too difficult. The trainers at FBBC can adapt to any level, whether you have injuries or need extra time getting up to speed with a certain exercise.

Plus, Fit Body Boot Camp has an excellent blog to help keep you on track, even when you're not training at one of their facilities. Here, you'll find everything from fitness and lifestyle tips, to healthy recipes. And you don't have to let your location limit you. There are Fit Body Boot Camps across 4 continents and 9 countries, so chances are, your next lifestyle change is not very far away. Fit Body Boot Camp is an easy way to start building body image, one squat at a time.

Body image is a long-term goal that doesn't happen overnight. But with the right tools, specific milestones, and a supportive team, weight loss is a small hurdle to overcome on the road to body confidence.

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